A glorious morning

Good morning! What was in the air last night? I think all my kids woke up at some point or another.  It was all a blur, but weird nevertheless.

When I found my self preggers, the first thing I felt was – FAT! But not just the way  I looked, I felt I had NO muscle power, and that was 2 weeks in.  I thought to myself that if I do not do something drastic, I am going to be in a lot of trouble 9 months down the line.

Before I fell pregnant I had been going to the local Y and discovered Zumba. But not just any Zumba, Zumba with Vered. She is the most amazing teacher, dancer, and not to mention human being! Now as you all know, I have started an online magazine for women, called Women of the Tribe. We are very busy working on website, it is coming… who knows when, but it is coming. ANYWAY – sorry for the segway – the reason I mentioned it, is that I recruited her to handle exercise and healthy  lifestyle on the webzine.

And… at the same time, I asked her to help me get in shape to handle this pregnancy, and the birth.  I am happy to report that I have been training with Vered for about 2 months now, and I cannot begin to tell you the difference in my body strength. I feel strong, which is a great feeling at this age and stage of pregnancy.

Vered has convinced me, that we should do some video footage of a rather curvaceous pregnant woman doing weight lifting. So stay tuned to the webzine… At some point we will be bringing you footage, allowing you to do the same training at home, which will be very cool and exciting!  If ever I imagined myself making my TV début, I never would have imagined that I would be a largely pregnant woman! Vered promised to make it glam though!  So we will keep you posted. No laughing allowed!

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