A big shout out to all of you……….

There is a strange phenomena attached to blogging. Since the age of 12, I have kept a journal. Blogging is very much like journaling, perhaps a little less intimate, and you know many people will read your entry.

The strange thing is, is that people read the blog and comment, but when we see each other – nothing more than a knowing glance or look is said! I love it this way actually. You – my readers – and I know each other more intimately due to the blogs and comments – without having to say too much.

Case in point – my last entry re my miscarriage.  This is where the thank you comes in. The amount of support and love I received from everyone, was over-whelming. I cried from each comment! I felt so endeared to everybody and an overwhelming sense of gratitude to all of you.

It made it so much easier to blog about it, than speak about it. This way, when I have bumped so many of you since then, I need not say a word. You all have either give me a hug, a touch, a kind word, a knowing look. Nothing was trivialized, but then again, nothing needs to be rehashed hundreds of times!

So thank you all for caring, and thanks for reading my blog…. I am really feeling the love, and sending it back to all of you!

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