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As our Montreal friends know, we are not able to have a sukkah because we have a balcony over ours. So we shlep everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, to the other side of town, to my MIL’s house. There is nothing there, so we have to take linen, 2 sets of clothing for everyone for each day, enough food for 6 yontif meals for the 7 of us, and an array of guests; desserts, breakfast food, snack food, in case we starve food, challahs, wine, grape juice, club soda’s, water, toys, games, books,hot water urn, pots, winter jackets for eating in sukkah, there must be more…all that for 3 days.
In the best of times, I have always been a last minute kinda gal, I do my best under pressure, but with the advent of kids, I have had to become a whole lot more organized. I have not quite mastered it yet, and still am running around, like a lunatic Erev shabbos/yontif. However for Sukkot I was 50%cooked for it before yom kippur, and so I thought that I would be super organized for our move. Sunday Afternoon threw me a curveball though, and the gastro that had whipped through my kids the week before sucker punched me, and I was wiped out. Sunday and Monday. KO. 2 vital cooking and preparing days, I spent horizontal.
Tuesday should have been a stay in bed day too, but I had a zillion things to do, which I did, and cooked, and did whatever needed to be done. Wednesday I had a little more cooking to do and all was packed, cooked and ready to roll by 2 pm. I was so happy, I was ahead of my game. (SG remember we had that little talk in grocery store?). I arrived home at 3:30pm, packed the girls in car, and left by 4pm, giving last minute instructions to hubby to bring all the food, which I had left on counter, as well as a couple of other things. He said he would meet me in a hour.

I got to the house and frantically began unpacking, dressing kids, putting stuff away, I realised I had left coffee at home, so called Sugardaddy and told him to get some, he was at the grocery store getting some other stuff. 15 minutes later, now about 5:30pm he calls to tell me that he was almost at the house, and realized he had left his etrog at our house…. He zoomed back and called to tell me to have the Eruv tavshillin ready, he will be flying in – minutes before candle lighting.
As we stood in the kitchen at 5:56pm( candle lighting was 5:57pm) we did a last minute check.

stove on, eggs cooked, oven on….food in the oven…..

food? Where’s the food

I asked surprised.

We started at each other in complete shock! In his haste, Sugar left the food on the counter! He does not operate as well under pressure.

let me call the doorman and, and tell him to put the food in the freezer!

Then Sugar came up with a brain wave, get the doorman to put all the food in a cab, and bring it to where we were! So I instructed him to bring all the food on my kitchen counter. About 20 minutes later, a jamaican taxi driver arrives, with my humungous quantities of frozen food, two big boxes. Then he returned to the car and came back with my oversized fruit bowl, and my 4L bottle of canola oil! (Everything on my counter!)

As stressful as it was, I could not stop laughing! Thank G-d it was Sugar who left the food and not me, and therefore we were able to laugh about it. We had an awesome yontif, met up with a lot of friends we haven’t seen in a year. Glad to be home though, and able to sleep again, for the most part anyway…..

3 thoughts on “When impulsive-last-minuter marries cautious-planner”

  1. I like your plays with words like MOMoir. Nice touch. And your descriptions of Yom Tov preps leave one breathless! Surely your self-reflective title can also be described as ironically sweet, giving a tempered result, which makes you and your family truly happy. How is that for a Jewish analysis?


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