Semblance of normalcy

I have to admit it. I shut the door at8:35am, leant back against the closed door and smiled a big smile. I love my babies and my sugardaddy, but what a sigh of relief to know that for the next 25 minutes, I would be completely and utterly ALONE! No nagging, no whining, no yelling, no taking orders. Just me and my steaming cup of java. A mini vacation.
Today was a big day. The first day since January that I did not have a dual agenda. I just had to do what had to be done today, and that in itself was liberating. In the beginning of the year until june 30th,I had WOTT to contend with. My day consisted of all the hectic things that go into a family of six, that does a lot of entertaining and many extra curricular activities; and then by 9 pm work on WOTT until 2am. Up again at 6 am.
No wonder I miscarried, and I have come to terms with it. I got the message loud and clear almost immediately. I had to prioritize my family. The world and the greater good would just have to go on without me! I ate my humble pie and backed out.
I then had to contend with vacation, and then upon our return from the country, kids nixed camp, so they were home.
I could not wait for school to start – then I could finally get my house in order, do my 6 months overdue filing – everything that got put on hold. School commenced, and so did new routines, new friends, new challenges, new sniffles and tummy aches. And then, BAM, Rosh Hashana! Blink- yom kippur …. And then the never-ending cooking marathon of Sukkot.
So you can well imagine my blissful rapture at the thought of having to get started on my long awaited organizing tirade, and a long leisurely shopping experience at Costco. Nowhere to run, no one to answer to.
One thing that has remained constant this year has been my working out.
I am definitely stronger, althoughni still get asked when I am due. However, at least 2 people asked me if I gave birth already. I take that as a good thing, at least I don’t look that preg anymore!
Before RH, the deeeeVine Miss V, challenged me. I cut out all grains, dairy, and sugar for 2weeks prior. You have all heard me wing and moan about my seasonal allergies? Well to my surprise, all my symptoms cleared up after 3 days. I realized it was something that I was eating. First night RH I had 3pcs of challah! The next day I awoke as if someone had turned a faucet on in my nose, I itched and sneezed. I also realised I have a wheat or gluten allergy! What?? All thesectearsvof sneezing and it boiled down to what I ate? So now, I cannot have the junk, if I want something sweet and cookie like, I have to make it myself, and my family is going to have to follow suit.
Tonight, I began my quest for health in my home – again. Here is what I made

quinoa is now a staple in my fridge. One for meat one for milk
apple oatmeal muffins. For the kids. Not dietetic by any means, but a step in the right direction
wild salmon. our 2x week staple

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