Tonight I cracked

I probably should not be writing this. But hey what the heck.

Today was no more hectic than the usual day. However Sassy has a second round of this violent stomach virus, and she has yelled almost non-stop for a week. I thought it would pass. I gave her homeopathic pills, maalox, you name it. Tried massaging her, but nothing has really helped. But her moaning and whining has nearly sent me over the edge. Is that a terrible thing to say? Tried reaching doc for 2 days, eventually went in and made her an apt for today. Doctor gave me an rx for ovol, and said not necessary ONLY if she really needs it. In my language that meant fill out rx at paharmacy and dont actually take the drug (BIG mistake # 1). Day began there, then came home, did numerous errands, and got the others from school.

Miss G was beyond exhausted, shishkebab woke up from her afternoon nap in a foul miserable mood. And Sassy’s yelling….! It was a cacophony of the worst order! I ran back to pharmacy to pick up drug that I never got, then picked up Mic from school and returned to the turmoil.
As I walked in, literally, so the moaning began again? WTF? ( excuse the lingo – but am I the only mother that experiences this, or the only mother with no coping skills?)

Read the label on med,

take with meals

Uuuuurgh! Supper, not ready yet. I had a ton of left over chicken, so I decided to make a chicken pot pie. Yummy! Not for me though, because now I am gluten intolerant – right????

So I throw some soup on the stove. In the meantime, Miss G has been to toilet twice.

Please -tell me she does not have the stomach bug for a second time? How much diahrea can I cope with, it has been going around my family for three weeks!

Shish is throwing everything she can reach onto the floor and spilling as much water as she could. While Mic bless her, is practicing her singing at decibels way higher than doctors recommend for one’s sanity.

Put in an SOS call to sugarD. please come home, I am desperate here!
He reassured me he would be home soon, that was around 5:45pm.

Potpie out the oven, and smelling delicious….. I dished the kids up.

mommy, is that butternut in there, are you sneaking vegetables in again? I am NOT eating that


, decared another one.

So of course baby literally threw a tantrum when I gave it to her.

Don’t eat. See if I care.

Is soup enough to give Sass her meds and her antibiotic? It will have to be.

The pharmacist told me that Biaxin, her antibiotic is hard for kids, because of it’s texture. Mix it with grape juice, were her wise words of wisdom. So I did. I even put it in a cutesy wine glass to make it more palatable. Gave it her, got busy with others, Miss G on toilet again, and who should walk through the door at7:04pm? Sugar.

I looked at Sass now screaming her head off that this is the most revolting medicine she has ever tasted. I sucked it back into syringe, passed it to Sugar, Miss G now came running out the toilet with her underwear around her ankles screaming for someone to wipe her, mic anxious to tell her father about her day….


, I said

I am leaving. Your turn.

And here I sit, dear friends, sipping my tea, pretending that all will peaceful and happy on my return. Anyway, I left them with their father for crying out loud! I don’t think I am that irresponsible. I may be in bit of trouble later.
hope you will all come to my defense.

10 thoughts on “Tonight I cracked”

  1. Oh hun – first and foremost – refuah shlema to all. Second, no – you are not the only mother who a) has a tough time coping and b) whose children are miraculously satisfied and happy until the minute you walk in the door or pick up the phone – it’s like they can pause the bad mood and press resume at will!

    Enjoy the tea and the quiet – i’ll support ya – a momma needs her sanity breaks before she has a break from sanity!


  2. Seriously? You have got to be kidding me. Leaving during the chaos is the best thing you probably ever did for yourself. Been there done that. And it is so important to be able to walk away for a couple of hours without regret. Sometimes all we really need is some time alone to re-charge the batteries. Glad you did it. No doubt you are feeling so much better now!
    Thanks for sharing your tsures, it reminds the rest of us mommies we are not alone. and refua shleima to everyone!


    1. Thx Annette. Yes, it was the best thing I did, although have to admit tears of guilt did roll down my cheeks as i walked to my car! Everyone was fine, and guess what, i never yelled at anyone. So it all worked out well in the end.


  3. Enjoy the quiet- that is what is called a mental health break cuz “aint nobody happy when momma not happy!!”

    When u return home get rid of all towels and go to paper towels only. Shud help stop the bug from passing from one kid to another. Refuah shleimah!!


  4. Sweetheart, I am RIGHT THERE with you. Literally…we have been dealing with this nasty gastro/virus thingy since Sukkot. I lost it today and tried to escape too, but then realized I better get back into bed because my knees could barely hold me up and i was getting shaky and sweaty all over. All I wanted was some flipping fresh air, time away from the kids bloody banterring each other and to mail something. So instead I escaped to my pillow for almost 4 hours. Completely knocked out. Felt better after, bit a bit grouchy.

    You have my full support honey!


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