Icing on the cake

I try to think of creative projects to do with my girls on Sunday afternoons. The catch is that it has to be something that would appeal to all ages 2-9. This week’s project is cake decorating.

I found cute mini cake pans, poured my gluten-free cake batter in the pans, and this is the result.

A few weeks ago, I was in the Dollar store and found these adorable play dough moulds.  I thought about rolled fondant immediately.

Then I found the Wilton’s fondant at Walmart, a little pricey at around $7, but I figured it is worth it for an afternoon project for 4 kids.

This is a fruit mould

We made a buttercream, and coloured the fondant, and these pics are the result. It was a good activity. One that lasted about 3 hours!! There was a lot of clean up, so don’t be surprised, after all it is edible play dough.

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4 thoughts on “Icing on the cake”

  1. Candy! Terrific job! love how each of them r unique in thier own way! U def deserve a good mommy award for braving sticky fondant with ur girls, but havta say GREAT results!


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