love this time of year.

I woke up tho morning with that disoriented feeling of “Where the heck am I?”.

No, there was no headache accompanying my momentary disorientation. So that was a good thing.  I opened one eye, everything was pitch black.  I was still in my clothes from the night before, my eyes felt parched due to the fact that I still had my lenses in, and I was scrunched into a ball teetering on the edge of a bed.

I realized I was in my 3 yr old’s bed. Her warm little body cuddled up close to mine, and her peaceful breathing, made me smile. Trying to remember how I landed up in her bed, sent flashbacks from the night before.

Ribs. Hey, I made spare ribs, and did NOT get to eat them!! At that moment, I did contemplate getting out of bed to heat up my portion, even it did feel like 3:30am!

Then I remembered why I did not get a chance to eat my meal while still in an alert stage of the evening….

As a hannukka present we bought the kids a Karaoke machine. Last night we set it up and had a family Karaoke night.  I cannot remember the last time we had such a great evening! We laughed so much, we all were totally involved in the evening, even my 2-year-old who loved being on the mic! I highly recommend it….

So I quietly got out of her bed, a warm, fuzzy feeling all over, and really felt like I had a good sleep and did not really feel like going back to bed.

I took out my lenses, put on Pj’s and went to the kitchen to see the time. As I walked into the kitchen, I held my breath, the view was amazing, everything was white – it snowed last night! The sky was black, the orange lights shed a warm glow. I looked at the time 6:47 am. Impossible, I checked another clock. Yep. 6:47am.  Sky was dark, kids were asleep, and I had a whole quiet house to myself for a while! it’s gonna be a great day…

Happy Hannuka!

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