what does the tooth fairy look like?

I know it is ridiculous. I know we are “frum” adults, but I just cannot let my kids think that the tooth fairy does not exist.  Even my 9-year-old, who knows for sure that there is no tooth fairy, is not 100% certain.  Once  when she was sure she caught me out because I had fallen asleep and obviously not put the money under her pillow, I made up an excuse that she had left her bed during the night, and therefore money could not be delivered to the rightful owner. I even wrote a miniature note the next evening for her to make sure she stayed in her bed to receive her money, signed by the none other than the tooth fairy.

So now it is my little Sassy’s turn to have teeth tumbling out!  When she was three she had a tooth extracted, lost her front two baby teeth quickly, then the two next to those, and now, about 6 months later, she lost her front tooth at school today, and the other front tooth popped out this evening! Poor child looks like a crossword puzzle, but the cutest one you ever did see!

She went to bed very excitedly tonight, with a small Ziploc bag with two, teeny front teeth in it, under her pillow. I, as per usual, fell asleep with child number 3, and awoke around 10:45pm.  Had dinner and sat down to watch a movie, mmmm some alone time.  Next thing I heard were little footsteps. A disappointed toothless grin, said in a very gruff, sleepy voice, “mommy the tooth fairy did not come!”

” How do you know?” I asked, making a mental note not to forget to put money under her pillow.

” My teeth are still there. Mommy what does the tooth fairy look like? I am scared of him.”

I reassured her that it was a ‘she’, and she was so small, one ought not to be afraid at all!  Needless to stay, she come cuddled up close and watched the end of  ‘The Mirror has Two Faces’, with Barbara Streisand.  As an aside to this story, as we were watching, and the couple were separated, she asked me how a husband and wife get divorced. Before I could answer, she told me that she already asked daddy, and he said that you go to an ‘Elf’.  I nearly peed, I laughed so hard! All this talk about tooth fairies, and now, we are bringing and Elf into the mix. After I finally caught my breath, I told that one goes to a lawyer. “Oh yes”, she said ” daddy did say that – sorry.”

Poor kid, we have made her delusional! But so cute, I could not – not blog about it!

Anyway, at some point I got up and ran to put the money under her pillow. We decided that because it was her two front teeth, we were going to give her $3 / tooth. I know – very steep, but thought we would spoil her.

After the movie I told her she had to go to bed now it was after midnight. She asked me very gingerly if I thought the tooth fairy had come while we were watching the movie. I told her there was a good chance because it was after midnight.  We went to go check, and what do you know? There was a jingle of money, and a toothless smile as broad as the St Laurence!

On nights like these, it makes everything, So worth it! Love my babies!!!!

2 thoughts on “what does the tooth fairy look like?”

  1. Very cute story Candy! One of the ways I reinforced the idea of the notoriouse little tooth fairy was sprinkling some sparkles around the money! Works like charm everytime!


  2. Lol about the elf! Hysterical. Also, it’s amusing that she thought the tooth fairy was a “he.” I love getting a peek into our kids’ minds. It’s amazing.


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