On your mark, get set….

OW!!!! Another two letter word, one that does not say GO.  As you all know I have been training and working out consistently for  over 1 year now. Last Friday, at 3:30pm I decided to go for a run with my trainer, and close friend, Vered; Andreea a seasoned marathon runner, and my partner in… Continue reading On your mark, get set….


my fave website

Amongst the bazillion websites out there, there is one that I refer to all the time, for cooking gluten-free. It is called elanaspantry.com I make her recipes all the time, and I am yet to have a bad one. I make bread 2.0  all the time, my kids love it and it is really delicious.… Continue reading my fave website


It’s so hard being right

I have been hibernating. Mulling, so to speak, over a lot of information ingested over the course of last few Months of winter. Being a mom has its challenges. If it were not enough of a challenge, I just upped the ante, and took dairy and gluten out of the mix. I a now living… Continue reading It’s so hard being right