It’s so hard being right

I have been hibernating. Mulling, so to speak, over a lot of information ingested over the course of last few Months of winter.
Being a mom has its challenges. If it were not enough of a challenge, I just upped the ante, and took dairy and gluten out of the mix. I a now living through major addiction withdrawal as my 4 cracker and cheese,Mac and cheese, pizza lovin’, cheese Danish junkies are jonesing for their next fix.
And it ain’t coming.
Everyone hates mommy.
Until yesterday. I finally found great tasting gluten free bread. 2 brands in fact.
I also found cheese that is not cheese, and not soy. Ok so it is made up of tapioca flour and a ton of oil, yet I only use a tad, and ingredients are all natural.
Bless these people!
My kids can now go to school with a sandwich, and feel normal. (although quinoa and tomato soup is all time fave meal at home, it is torturous to take to school, where snotty nosed, white bread and processed cheese munching connoisseurs rule.)
My shabbos desserts take a little getting used to and the coconut flour chocolate cake, did not fly with the quasi bday gathering we had this passed shabbos; but I am taking pics and making notes of what we ate, how the kids liked it and how it turned out.

Tonight’s dinner was a smash hit.
I think I will call it


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