my fave website

Amongst the bazillion websites out there, there is one that I refer to all the time, for cooking gluten-free. It is called

I make her recipes all the time, and I am yet to have a bad one. I make bread 2.0  all the time, my kids love it and it is really delicious. This shabbos i made her chocolate chip cookies. The entire recipe called for 2 tbsp of honey, and they were incredible, AND not  only that but they did pass the kid test.

Her recipes are mostly made with ground almond meal or nut butters, so if you are allergic to almonds, this may not be the website for you. But for those of us steering away from gluten, her recipes are simple, quick and scrumptious. Oh – they are also mostly dairy free too.

Check out her website, you can’t go wrong!!

2 thoughts on “my fave website”

  1. Hmmm… Instead of just gluten-free cooking, may I suggest that you also strive for a hydrogenated-fat-free diet. It could save your arteries and the rest of you too! 🙂


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