On your mark, get set….


Another two letter word, one that does not say GO.  As you all know I have been training and working out consistently for  over 1 year now. Last Friday, at 3:30pm I decided to go for a run with my trainer, and close friend, Vered; Andreea a seasoned marathon runner, and my partner in crime, who has been jogging for over a year now, Yonit.

I was scared but i just wanted to try something I had never done, and challenge my self a little.

“How far are you running?”, I ask Vered.

“5km. It should take half and hour maximum”.

That sounded good. After all Yonit and I trained that morning, heavily, and so a mild jog was in order, to start me off. However the thought of 5km scared the living daylights out of me.  Jogging for 2 mins on the treadmill can send me over the edge into an abyss of anger and frustration.

We all  met, did out stretching, and off we went.  After about 5 mins, I was ready to turn around. ” this ain’t for me, it hurts!” I thought.

But I stuck in there, Vered kept me going, and after the first 15 minutes – mostly uphill – thanks Andreea, we finally made it onto the shaded gravel road high up above the city of Montreal. I have to say that I wish I discovered this place sooner, perhaps I would not have complained so much about living here!

Andreea stuck with me downhill, coaching me, helping me breath properly, texting on her cel, you know – all those things one does on a run!  We ran all the way down the mountain! I let amazing, and was very grateful to learn that we would not be running back up!

Finally we came out of the woods very, very far from my car. We had already done 5km. (I know, I could not believe it either!) I had to get home, it was nearly shabbos. So at this point i walked quite a bit, and as time started ticking, I knew I had to get back fast. It was then that I began to sprint. I went passed vered and Andreea, whose peals of laughter actually urged me on. All I could think about was that i must look like Forrest Gump, and they were thinking that shabbos candle-lighting was a great motivator!

In the end, slow and steady wins the race, Yonit, my dedicated gym partner came in first, and I came in right behind her.

In the end, our run was 1hr 05min, and we did 8km!!!!

Not bad for a first attempt huh?

Yonit dragged me out again today, and I have to say i took a lot more strain, I walked a lot more than on Friday, BUT once again we did it, over 5.5km.

So now, I have to decide if Iike running or not, but I have overcome my fear of it!

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