Off, off and away…..!

Guess where I am?

If u can’t guess, I am at the airport. About to fly to Israel. Yup. I still cant believe it.


Ariella ,Robin, Sima and I are sitting at gate 60.
This still seems surreal, but I guess it is really happening.
Mmmmmm. Medium coffee and a Larabar. But the sweetest part, I get to actually SIT, and write my blog.
Don’t get me wrong, saying goodbye was heart wrenching. I have only been away for 1 x 24 hr period in 11 years, and about 4 days in total which was spent in hospital after giving birth(but I don’t count that as a break. Mind you my 24 hr stint in NY – 7 hrs by bus there and back – was not much of a vacation either! )
Anyway, we seem to be an eclectic group of people. A chiropractor, a sex therapist, a nurse, someone who does , and I quote ” absolutely nothing!”,a Martha Stewart , a promoter,a director, and an administrator or two. And moi. This spells a creative, fun, naughty, intellectual, and super organized group of Mommies that have ditched their families for 10 days in holy Land. 10 days of spiritual upliftment, touring, yummy food and lots of laughs.
I’ll miss you family…. But thanks for letting me go!
Btw, I never mentioned what group it is. We are part of JWRP, a group run by Lori Palatnik,which takes married women to Israel. Thanks for this great opportunity.

6 thoughts on “Off, off and away…..!”

  1. Candy how marvelous ,am soooo thrilled for you enjoy,I am sure it’s going to be a very special and exciting time. What a lekker jol 🙂


  2. AW! That is wonderful! I hope you enjoy every minute and I hope you get everything out of your trip that you need and more! Safe travels.


  3. Missing you all. Enjoy, Think of me during all those moments, be they spiritual, outrageously funny or just plain enjoying eretz Yisrael. Send my love to Ariella and Lori. Enjoy, can’t wait to hear about it all, even from all the way out here in Chicago.


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