Day 3 Israel

Blog day 3


To bed last night at 2am, and up, believe it or not, up at 5:45am.




Yoga. Amy from Baltimore gave us a class. All those 10 women that got up! We’ll done



Then, the moment we have all been waiting for, we made the trek to the Old city in Jerusalem. For me, it was incredible to be walking back, along the ancient stones, feeling the summer sun on our shoulders. A feeling of timelessness. Like time has stood still here. Even though the magnificent new modern Mamilla mall lies just below the old city walls, and the never ending construction of the new city, just blocks away, the ancient stones of the walls breathe out whispers of ancient history.


We stepped back in time, marking the beginning of new journeys, which tap into our soul, each step connecting us with those generations which came before us.


We made our way to the new Aish building. A magnificent 7 story edifice. A 13 yr long project in the making. A sanctuary that welcomes Jews whether they be Torah scholars, or a simple Jew from the far flung corners of the earth.



Lori gave over an incredible class in dear standing different personality types. It was so insightful. I am one who loves self help and motivational books and speakers.  I have never heard anything put the way she presented it, and found it tremendously helpful.



We then watched a short film about the mission of Rabbi Noach Weinberg zt”l.  I never knew Rabbi Weinberg, but I know his wife, my rebbetzin, Rebbetzin Weinberg. So indirectly I know what he stood for, and because I am a product of Aish HaTorah I know what an incredible organization it is, and how much they have done for the Jewish people. All the dream of one individual, guided by Hashem, and a mission to save Jews around the world.



We then went down to the kotel. To see the emotion in the women was awesome. They were so in awe of where they were and so respectful.


For me, I was now truly home.


Once again, this ever re-occurring feeling of gratitude washed over me. Tears streamed down my face, and the stones that I have imagined in my mind’s eye for so long, embraced me.



That night we landed up going for dinner to Laura’s, a fantastic meat restaurant, and we chatted into the midnight hour. Upon returning to the hotel, we bumped into some more girls form the trip, and sat and spoke till 2am.




Sleep is for sissies!


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