Kfar yeladim


Blog day 4 kfar Yeladim

We drove up the hill of the new neighborhood of Ramot Shlomo,  positioned one one of the many rolling hills of Jerusalem.

A big, brand new, modern building greeted us.  As we walked in, brightly colored furniture and  cheerful artwork  dotted the walls. We were welcomed warmly into the confines of Kfar Yeladim, a home for children at risk.

What a stark contrast to the grey dreariness of Yad Vashem. We were all emotionally spent, but I certainly felt proud that here we were, in Israel about to meet some Israeil children.

The dedicated staff spoke to us and explained that these kids have been taken away from their homes for one of many reasons. Either a orphaned, victim of abuse, children with parents who are ill or disabled, drug addicts, poor or divorced.

Tears began to well up inside again, and I could not stop the overflowing emotion. I was very upset at the the prospect of a Jewish orpah or a child that has been taken away from parents who do not have the know how or the means to be more able. I saddened me to think that so many people died, not so long ago, and here we were slipping into an abyss of helpless. Succumbing to drugs and temptations that are meaningless and detrimental. And, also the thought of young people dying or sick, and therefore unable to care for their kids.  The state of the world is far from perfect.

Aahhh. I missed my kids immensely. I just wanted to hug and kiss them, and tell them how much I love and appreciate them. How grateful I was for EVERYTHING in my life.

We went upstairs stopping at the daycare first. I had to slip into a closet to wipe awy the tears. Ian sure it was overwhelming enough for the kids, without having a hysterical woman in their midst.

Afterwards we went to the elementary level where the girls performed a song for us. What was the song? It was about a girls speaking to her mother, as she went through all the phases of her life. (I will post it when I get back, don’t have my laptop here).  At this point I could not control my tears and I actually was sobbing. I filmed it with the thought in mind, that my children need to see children who have so much less than them. My kids need to learn to appreciate So much. How much more did I wish to move now. My children need to do chesed for children like this. My kids need to give, in order to live a much more meaningful existence and learn real value in life.

I was a basket case by now.

We then went up to the residential floor, where 17 girls live. They had a surprise for us. A ZUMBA class! YAY! A very cute teacher, who was so enthusiastic gave the class. The kids were going nuts! They were so happy… The music the dancing, we all joined in. A few songs later we were all sweating, but so happy to find a commonality with these kids, something that superseded language and culture. It was very special.

And then after all that emotion, and all those tears, we unleashed ourselves on the stores of Jerusalem. Nothing like a bit of retail therapy!

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