IDF army base
I haven’ t gone into much detail about our girls. The Women who make up the Montreal group, but I have to say that each one is so special, and each one a REAL character!
We have all really become friends, and all work together very well as a team.

Today we went to an Army base. There is a really cool organization called ‘Thank Israeli Soldiers’, founded by Pamela and Abba Claman. It meant a lot to me, because I was there with them at the very begin inning. I remember 12 years ago, on Sukkoth, taking packages filled with food to the Israeli soldiers, on duty in the Arab shuk. I will never forget the look of surprise and gratitude, when these young, but already hardened soldiers, opened the bags, and saw what was inside. When we wished then Chag Sameach, almost all of them became teary eyed. They could not thanks enougeeh for thinking of them during the holidays. Even if they were not religious, they surely missed their families on the Chagim, and to know that other people made the effort to come and give them a yontif meal, meant the world to them. It was one of the most moving moments of my life. Pamela invited every single one of those soldiers back to her house for a meal that night or the next day. Many of them showed up after their shifts, and the Claman shabbos table became flecked with travelers experiencing shabbos for the first time, and a sprinkling of Israeli soldiers.
It has since grown I to a world wide organization, which brings Jews from all over the world to meet the soldiers, and thank them for what they are doing. Thanking them and showing recognition for defending this small fertile crescent, and preserving the well being of Jews everywhere.


So… On shabbos 3 rd meal was spent at the Claman’s, and we got to hear all about the organization, and also meet the young women and men who were serving the army. Today, we got to go to an army un it in order to give packages of appreciation to and entire unit, an anti terrorism combat unit.
Very cool.
Can you imagine a bunch of women standing in admiration as some 40 young soldiers gave us a presentation of their drills.


And as I have mentioned before, we do have a sexologist in our midst. And… Of course the unit did toss off their army fatigue shirt, and replace it with a T-shirt. And…Of course, the mommies had a field day with this. Giggles and snickers filled the air. Mommies were reduced to awkward school girls for a moment. And one mommy in particular was making a lot of wise cracks. Of course, it was our resident sexologist! We all had a good laugh, then matured a little and watched the dry drill.
We then presented the soldiers with packages and spoke to them a little. It was really touching, on both sides.

As I got onto the bus, someone told me that our Dr was shrieking in pain something bit her! I ran to her seat to find her face dripping with sweat, and in obvious agony.
Someone called a medic, and I helped her off the bus.

Without getting into too much detail, she a bee stung her on her upper thigh. Even in her angst and pain, she cracked up laughing. The irony, that she, the sex therapist would now have to undress in front of the medic of the unit she was just joking about!

Luckily she did not have to go there, the pain suddenly subdued ( nothing to do with the homeopathic stuff I gave her), and we boarded the bus.



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