Farewell, until next time!


All good things must come to an end, but this is sweet sorrow, as we all know it is the beginning of something big.

As the sun sinks behind the hills of the valleys of Gush Etzion, the bus pulls away, and the somewhat subdued chatter of the women commences.

I sit here thinking of how truly blessed I am. I have been to Israel twice with my family, since getting married 11 years ago.

I remember only too well, living here when I was still single, loving life in the Holy Land, feeling immensely fulfilled, but not completely whole.

Wherever I went, I would search for the man who I thought would be my future husband, and whenever I prayed, I prayed for the future of my then, unborn children.

So, here I am, again alone in this special place. I feel enriched for having met so many wonderful women. As night fall sets in, my heart is heavy. I am leaving Yerushalyim shel zahav – again. But, I am so grateful that in less than a day, I will see my wonderful, kind husband, and my beautiful little girls!

I really do feel whole. With a mission in tow.

So with humble gratitude, I thank G-d for blessing me with so much, and for giving me this gift of being a part of something much greater than myself.

And I pray for all of those people who are single, and searching for their beshert. May you find him/her soon!

I am looking towards the future, but feeling this moment.

LeHitraot Holy Land, and Holy people!

See you again soon!

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