I hate school

I dont hate a lot of things. But I truly hated school. I hated the clique-iness of it, I hated the authority, I hated the hours spent doing mundane stuff. If I apply¬†a third of what I learnt in school into my adult life - it is a lot. I think I am giving school… Continue reading I hate school

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Meat eating vegan

That's how I like to describe myself. Well I really wish I could describe myself as vegan - but at a certain point I just crave meat. I have read many a book and blog about being vegan. In fact I really do think it's the perfect choice, if one can do it. Next best… Continue reading Meat eating vegan


l’m writing again

Like me, my writing is inconsistent. It stops and starts and it is spontaneous and impulsive. Just like the daily happenings of my life. Of course I make life materialize¬†this way, due to fly-off-the-seat-of my pants nature that make me stop in my tracks and ask "Why? .... Why did I do this... AGAIN?" Why… Continue reading l’m writing again