I hate school

I dont hate a lot of things. But I truly hated school. I hated the clique-iness of it, I hated the authority, I hated the hours spent doing mundane stuff. If I apply a third of what I learnt in school into my adult life – it is a lot. I think I am giving school way too much credit here.

Hours spent doing math? Why did we need to do do calculus and trigonometry? I can understand geometry – one day you might want to sew a dress, build your home with and architect – one needs to know the difference between ad 45 degree angle and a 90 degree angle. English – I understand – its our mother tongue, and a very internationally spoken language. And as for  the cultural sbjects, History, Geopgraphy, biology, science. Ok, ok. Fine – we all need a good general knowledge about the world we live in.

But truth be told – I could have read a few books, that would have made histroy far more interesting that sitting in a tiny wooden desk at school, listening to a teacher drone on, in a monotone….

Science and biology were fun, at least they were in a lab, and you got to do cool things.

But once science got mathematical – my teacher lost me – forever…… Never to return!

Then I chose French.  Eight of us did – out of 300 kids.

Now – that really held me in good stead – I live in a French speaking province, I have travelled extensively, and French has been a stellar language to know. I could have learnt it in 6 months though. Did not need 3 full years. And might I add – and my UCT freinds can vouch for me – after high school I could not speak French!!! I had a great French accent when I spoke Eeenglish, and when a little inebriated, it would surface to perfection. It was only when I moved to Quebec and actually had to speak to get by, did I learn to parle la langue.

What’s my point? My point is, according to Sir Ken Robinson, our school systems today are based on the Industrial revolution systems.

Why are we learning things that will have no meaning for us in later years? Why are we jailed during our childhood, and forced into a system that we hate? With a few sadist teachers who had lousy lives, are miserable, and love taking it out on their students? And we force our kids to go.

Why do they have to spend 8-10 hours locked in a stuffy room – autumn, winter, spring and some of summer?

I find the teaching methods antiquated. Memorization, rather than real love of learning. The more I think about it – the more I want to pull my kids out of the system. I want them to learn and excel in things they are interested in, or at least are good at. The math and  science that they need to know will come into place, just like it does for all of us adults. And if we did not a pursue a math or science based career, all of our knowledge regarding those subjects is rudimentary. And there is always and expert to call – or the very least Google!

I have looked into homeschooling. Seems pretty awesome! there is even real-time teachers. School is anything from 2-4 hours a day. It is more intensive, and the kids actually LEARN.

There is another school of thought. Its called unschooling. Now this one really appeals to me. However this is so against the grain, I fear the backlash of the entire world and every person that knows me personally. This ‘un’discipline is based on letting the kids learn whatever floats their boat. For as long as they are interested in it. Wow. Love it. Imagine being an expert in learning how to make apps – at 12 years old. Or even video games. You really do not need much knowledge. Todays techno kid, knows so much more than we ever did at the same age. How about a kid who loves making short films? They learn every aspect that goes into it, and could even get to make one? A kid might want to learn Chinese! That could involve language, food, culture and even travel… Basically – the world becomes the classroom. Kids get to learn for learning sake. They acquire value of themselves, and self esteem. They do stuff with their lives, that is meaningful.

How more hireable would this person be, than 1000’s of hopeful cookie-cutter moulds that have all done a B-comm accounting? But moreso – this person will want to be an entrepreneur – not a hired staff member. And I believe that that is where the world is going. Too much competition. Too much of the same. I mean…. an undergrad is useless now. One needs a PhD before anyone even interviews them. So 7 years of study – POST high school. Vomit.

Not for everyone. We do need those accountants, scientist and doctors. But for those that don’t follow that track, and land up going there anyway – because their talents were not recognized. Because the world told them that there is no use for artists, or quilters, or dress designers. We tell them its lowly, pointless. Lets give different options.

Well I want to say thank you to all those artists out there. if it were not for the trailblazing spirit this world would be a ver dry and boring place.

If anyone has any tips or advice for me, please let me know. If anyone would like to maybe join my endeavour – let me know too. It would have to be local folks only.



9 thoughts on “I hate school”

  1. We made the jump a while ago and sit somewhere between homeschooling and unschooling. It varies in any given month, depending on my son’s goals and interests at the time. Homeschooling has dramatically exceeded our expectations and I only wish that we had started it earlier (our son is 13). It has been amazing.


      1. Yes. You could probably say that we are disciplined people. We both hold multiple masters degrees and my wife is an Audiologist.
        I own a few businesses and so have a fairly large degree of control over my days. My wife is largely 9-5, but I am more like 6am to midnight, seven days a week. I work across most major time zones across the world in any given week.
        Having a high degree of control is what makes it work for us.
        Also, our son has broken the meaningless school habit of set hours. He has friends in many countries around the world, so it is not unusual to find him sleeping for two hours at 9pm so that he can wake up to meet friends at midnight or something. He studies at whatever times make sense to him and the friends he may be studying with for a particular course and where they or the course are in the world.


        1. Well thank you. I had a look at your blog. I am in awe. Really. I admire you, I wish I could do it. It seems so complicated for me – though. I have 4 kids. I would love to travel around the world and let if be our classroom, however my husband certainly does not share my idealism or enthusiasm. And if I have to be brutally honest- I am very undisciplined. I am creative and an artist, and I go with the flow. I live I schooling in theory. I just don’t know where I would be three months into the program with 4 kids on my hands all day long.


          1. Four kids would be a very different proposition I think. Financially, I just can’t imagine multiplying what we spend on one by four and catering to four probably unique set of needs and wants would be highly challenging to do properly.
            True, radical perhaps, unschooling could be an option for you if you are up for letting your kids get into whatever takes their fancy. We do a guided form of this, but have not gone the full version, as essentially we are too chicken to – but then that is because we are probably more controlling type personalities and afraid to give up all control.
            I think that doing anything in this space without the full support of your partner would be very challenging as you will inevitably have moments of doubt when you need support.
            I look forward to seeing what you do.
            I have an interview with someone in a similar situation scheduled up for a couple of weeks time. She is not able to homeschool due to circumstances (including a partner who is strongly against it) so she supplements intensively instead – I thought that it was a cool and realistic hybrid approach. Hopefully something there for you when it goes up. 🙂


          2. Thank you. I think that that is where I will inevitably put my energies. Summer holidays and weekends. But who knows – we may land up on an island one day! Thanks for the advice. I’m signing up for your blog. I think you and your wife a doing a great service to your son.


  2. Hi Cand

    just saw your blog now. I see you still toying with the idea of homeschooling . It sounds like you would love to do it. One option is to start with 2 kids or one and see how it goes . I don’t think that discipline is essential for homeschooling maybe structure is a bit more important, even if you unschool. life is a journey, the outcomeI is never what we expect especially when we plunge into the unknown. There are those who will admire you, others who think you are nuts. Live your truth and know that it’s fluid and organic and changes can be made according to what works at any given moment.

    Whatever you decide I wish you lots of luck and I know how tormenting the process can be. I miss you so much xxxx

    Love Mick


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