Fun days

I love school

In case you did not see this 5000 times on Facebook – here it is again:

 my sentiments exactly

My previous blog post was titled I hate school

Hmmmmm. Sounds like me – right? Well something happened in between the two posts.



IMG_8997                       IMG_8987





Well it was fuI, the first 3 weeks of mommy camp. Then Mommy kind of lost the – what should we call it – the oomph! I did not want to pack another lunch, go on another drive, find another exotic location. I needed a break. I blackmailed my kids into day camp. They liked it. Phew – another two weeks passed like molasses. Then the three weeks, then the 9 days, and then came August. I would have loved to have gone away – we just did not find a place. So summer dragged….. We did do other things, we went swimming a lot, we went to isaute, and clip and climb on bad days. We did do stuff. But mostly what my kids did – was fight! And get on each others nerves. Hence get on mine.

So when school did roll around – I did do the orangutang dance. I admit.

So to conclude – I do not think I am cut out for homeschooling. I’ll leave that for the grandkids.

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