Israel is acquired through difficulty 

I wrote this on the plane just before landing. I want to post it before I do any others.

June 10. What a journey so far. Flying Munich – Tel Aviv right now. First of all – my teacher Morah Y – informed us that the day I am travelling, TODAY – is the day bnei Yisrael were supposed to enter Eretz Yisrael.כב סיון

I’m so tired. I want to make a huge statement about this point but I’m not sure if my wording is coherent. I feel like I’m  doing a tikkun from that time. I’m entering the land of Israel. On the day that it was originally ordained. We did not enter then, due to our complaining – and we all know the end of that story. The ending is not just that we wandered in the desert for 40 yrs entered the land , and lived happily ever after. The ending is now – trying our utmost to get back to the Holy Land, lost in gashmius. A desert so to speak. A world filled with every physical entity one could imagine – but sparse of anything spiritual. Every now and then there is an oasis, but few and far between in the vast nothingness. 

And here I am – about to return!

Not without its challenges. 

Firstly Earl was late. 45 minutes late to pick me up. But then — we took a different route and made it to the airport in 15 minutes. Did I mention it was rush hour???

Arrive at the airport – earl walks us to check in- and then we all kiss and hug and cry and say goodbye. Off he dashed to avoid a ticket and make it to a wedding on time. 

We got in line with four huge cases, 3 roll-ons, 4 backpacks, a baby carrier a car seat and a stroller. 

The woman took our  passports. 

“And where is the letter of consent from your husband that you can take your children out the country?”

“Letter??? You just saw me kiss and hug him goodbye! You saw he consented!!!”

She went to her supervisor. I was apologized to and told that they need the letter or kids cannot leave country. Why didn’t my travel agent mention this???

I called Earl – at this point he was now bottlenecked in traffic. He had to come back and sign a form in front of a commissioner of oaths. It took another 30 minutes. Back to the check in. Gave the consent letter to the lovely lady. A different one this time. She began entering the information. 

“And where are your visas?”

“Visas??” I spat out with my last remaining drop of spit. “You don’t need a visa for Israel!” 

“Yes you do if your ticket is longer than 3 months. Yours is almost 4.”

I begged them to let me go – I will deal with the authorities there. Now the supervisor got involved. He told me that Ben Gurion has the tightest security in the world ( as if I didn’t know) and they will not allow me to enter the country.  

OMG this is NOT happening!!!

I then called my travel agent. I tried to remain calm – but my anxiety prevailed. I quickly told him the situation and that I need to change my tickets now to a date less than 3 months. His response was – sorry – the wholesalers I deal with are closed. I saw my departure slip into impossibility. 

I put the phone down and was about to yell at the man that this is unacceptable – we paid thousands of dollars. We are all packed. I wanted to cry. 

I looked at my disappointed little girls. And then I realized something. I said ” girls – there is nothing we can do. If we get on the plane it was meant to be – and if we don’t – so be it. Both of them are gam zu Le Tova. And we will accept whichever way Hashem wants us to go. The only thing we could go now is DAVEN! It was so sweet!!! All three of them focused so hard and started praying!

The supervisor came back about 5 mins later 

“Ok – I checked with our agent on duty. She changed your return date. Go see her!”

I ran there – and Lo and behold we had a 3 month return date – and off we ran. By the time we got to the gate- it was boarding time- we got onboard and flew off to Munich. 

BARUCH HASHEM!! Seriously. 

One more little glitch. They didn’t issue us boarding tickets the whole way to TA. I had to get them in Munich. By the time we landed I had 40 mins to get through 2 security checks, boarding cards and really by a real miracle Hashem helped me to do it easily and timely (we even got a ride on one of those carts so we didn’t have to walk). 

My kids have even behaved unbelievably! 

And now we will be landing soon
I have no expectations of anything. It’s almost like my wedding. I just wanted the chuppah to be over and to be safely married. Everything else was just superfluous details. 

Today I just want to land. I want to feel the air and the land. And then, as always I am in Hashems hands!!!

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