I just want to say SOMETHING!

I have been composing another blog post – it has taken me forever to get my thoughts out, but I’m just going to write this one quickly before shabbos.

So here i sit on my  mirpesset. It is about 1.5 hrs before shabbos, there is a hot breeze, that actually cools the sweat that is pouring out of me! But i love it! I will take the heat any day over the cold.

I just wanted to fill everyone in on how we are all doing individually.

Me –  this was my idea, and i am taking the brunt of it. But I am ok. i have barely slept since we got here, and I am doing everything… the cooking, the cleaning, the driving, the meetings, the yelling, the packing, the unpacking, the shopping, the nursing, the changing the baby, the making of friends for the kids, the touring. I have to say I am exhausted.

Micaeli – the first few days were a bit boring, but on the 4th day some neighbours came to give us cookies. They invited the kids over. Micaeli has really made a nice friend, she is few months younger than her. They went to the mall the one day, they had a sleepover another day. Its good. And she is holding exactly where we are.

Sara – well she has made so many friends its quite unbelievable! ll the kids here are so friendly – they just want to make friends with everyone. And Jodi – you were right, the kids are so independent here. I hardly see Sara – she is house hopping, going to this one’s pool, and playdate at that one. she has had sleepovers too. Quite amazing.

Gavi – pretty much the same as Sara – so made so many friends. Everyone loves her vivacious personality here. She is loving it.

And Shish – well I put her in Kindergarten for July – and she is very uncertain because of theHebrew, but despite it all she has made so many friends.

And Tali – well – she just adjusts, but poor baby – she has been shlepped from pillar to post, and has a little cold now.

And I haven’t left out Earl….phew.

Earl has an allergic reaction to change.  He has never done so much house work in his entire life. He also hasn’t had his kids on his head from dusk till dawn (literally.  They do not go to bed. Ever.) We have also insisted that the girls do work every day. They are obviously not keen, and daddy fights with them non stop. As well as dealing with their below average knowledge of math! so he’s flipping out.

Needless to say they have all been impossible, or amazing. But each day improves. I really have a great support system – as in people I know – friends and fam, who are extending themselves for me.  i have reconnected with old friends. Its great that our kids are now friends.

I still am not 100% organized in this house. we moved in 10 days ago. But getting much better. I had one cleaning lady that didn’t work out, and others that have cancelled. so guess what – i am actually doing it all. big change from my full time help in Montreal. But its all good!!

The first place I stayed in with the four girls was about the size of my bedroom in Montreal. in that space we had 2 bedrooms, a lounge dining room, kitchen and bathroom. When we moved intt he house we are in now – it felt ike a a palace in comparison.

Its still very tight as all their stuff is here – but its doable temporarily.

But main thing si my kids love ISRAEL. That mission has been accomplished. And… with the help of Hashem, so will everything els.

Im really grateful t o be here, its been my dream for so long, and i am living it. A few nightmarish moments, but on the whole – phenomenal. It will all plop into place. I just wanted to fill you all in. i did not drop off the planet. i just have not caught t my breath. This shabbos i am going to relax. Pls excuse all the spelling mistakes – I m in such a rush.

Thinking of everyone – can’t wait to see yo all in the holy Land…. with Love


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