A different reality

Israel works on different really to the rest of the world. It is so evident once you are here. the hasgacha pratis ( divine providence) is so evident here. The torah speaks about each country having its own administering angel, but Israel has none – Hashem watches and guards over Israel personally. in other words – there’s the man made iron dome, and there is the spiritual iron dome that has superseded anything man made, since time imemorial.

I was walking to a neighbour last night for third meal. I just ran home to get something, and as I was about to run down the stairs to her house, i happened to look up at the sky. It was dusk, the sun had just sunk below the horizon. The feeling was not the usual feeling i had looking at the sky. I had a tangible feeling of shabbat. I actually felt sad that shabbat was coming to a close. I felt Hashem so much in that moment. And even though it was fleeting, I was bursting with happiness to be here, and to feel that.

We met a lot of people over shabbos. People that made aliyah years ago. Real people. There is no materialism here. People are who they are. i love it. There is such a genuine happiness and kindness. Everyone came here – because this is the land where the Jewish people belong. People really work on themselves – and live true torah lives.

I have argued with people overseas for so many years, about the merits of living here. There is the usual answer that they will come when moshiach comes, or that they don’t have enough money, or a job ( which is a much more valid argument – the only valid one). And then there is all those people that are lost in the veil of what is a seemingly real reality. However – the world out there with all its ‘pleasures’ has trapped and ensnared most of us. We cannot see that what we desire is nothing more than a mirage. Once we acquire all the wealth and riches, and all the materialistic needs, do we really think that this will bring our happiness about?

Obviously we live in a world that promises us how beautiful and thin and happy we will be if we have all the things that  apparently need. I am here, i am seeing how basically people are living, how unspoilt the kids are, and how truly HAPPY they are. Its all a lie people. We have bought into it hook, line and sinker.

We are detoxing now. My kids are going to have to get used to a whole different lifestyle, and I am thrilled. This is the best thing I could do for them. And guess what – they are so content. So far.

Each day brings a different gift, some are hard, some are beautiful, but all are lessons,and all people we meet are examples. And we are learning a different existence.

4 thoughts on “A different reality”

  1. candy, i am so happy so you that you get to experience this reality! that feeling of living a life of growth and “real-ness” is an absolute gift (easy and sweet sometimes, like the sunset on shabbos…and less sweet when its a tiny apartment and a rusty car) May Hashem help you and your whole family unwrap this gift layer by layey with a deep appreciation and sense of hashgacha paratis with every step. May Hashem help this dream truely become your new reality and may we all join you sooner-rather than later.
    missing you and loving you from here in the backwards and confusing land of chutz láretz. keep the inspiration coming so we keep yearning to live as “real” as life as we can over hear while waitng to be there ….did that make sense 😉 wishing you loads of sweet, revealed, hashgacha pratis!!


  2. Wow that was moving to read! I’m so happy you made Alya and are so happy with it. Yes your children will learn the true meaning of life over there. Everytime I go to Israel I feel the freedom they have I feel the carefree they exhibit and part of me wants what they are all on. It’s amazing with all the bombs shooting over head. One day I will see you in Israel. Besrat Hashem. Be well and only success and good health for you.


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