Travelling with the Engels

Basically it’s not your idea of fun. Our intentions are really good- but most of the time it backfires. 

Case in point:  yesterday we wanted to go to a really cool mall in Ashdod. And then a quick swim on the beach and home by 8:30. We planned on leaving at 2 pm. First problem (typically Engel) we only left at 3:15pm. Out of Beit Shemedh they are doing do much construction that there is always so much traffic.  So due to the delay I decided we should go to Modiin instead – there’s a mall there and paddle boating – and lots to do. So off we went. I didn’t put Modiin into WAZE because I was driving. And Earl is very tech challenged – so I didn’t even dream of asking him. I figured I will find it. The roads are well marked. 

So that was a mistake. I did get us to Modiin, but instead of going straight at I’ve point I turned left and that took me straight back into the highway going north again. No off ramp either. So I just had to keep on driving. Oops. Sorry kids – no rope course or sprinklers today. Nevermind – I told them – we’ll just go to Rishon letzion. It’s a big city there has to be lots to do there. 

Then I saw a sign for palmachim beach. I heard it’s gorgeous there. We didn’t have our bathing suits – but surely there is a whole waterfront there. E will walk the boardwalk – get ice-creams, shop…

Nope. Wrong again. It is gorgeous.  But it’s just beach. 

At this point we had been driving 1h45min. We could’ve technically been in Ashdod 15 minutes already. 

So pulled over – checked my what to do in Israel Facebook group. Apparently there is an amazing park in Rishon. My dd teenager wasn’t to thrilled at that prospect. And was not shy in vocalizing her opinion. 

Then I saw that there is a mall. I figured reta therapy always does her good. So off we went. It was a cinema city. Really stunning – but all the movies wee in Hebrew. Little kids went to an arcade – I went to nurse   Mic and dad went to buy leggings. And then we went home. 

We stopped at mall near us and got everyone kosher Macdonald’s for dinner. That made up for it. We got home at 10:30pm. Then Rex(earl) went for a run. I collapsed. Amazing day. 

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