Sleep is overrated

Its 2:34am. I have just put in my 4th load of laundry since we got home at 10:30pm.  I don’t sleep here. Its actually insane. But somehow I am managing just fine.

Today was another Engel adventure – but in my favour this time. We decided we were going to go to nachsonim – a kibbutz that has an amusement park and water park in one. And today they catered to the religious community – so we could go as a family, and there would be separate swimming hours for women and men. And… there was even  a deal online 42 NIS instead of 79NIS.


I could take all the girls, and Earl would be with the baby and all would work out beautifully.

We decided we had to leave by 9:30am.  So 11:45am we got in the car. Not bad – for us. And then once again… traffic.We finally arrived there at 1:29pm. Ok – not so bad – we still had 4 hours to play.

But as we pulled into the parking lot there were buses after buses after buses.  we got al the stuff out the car and walked to the gate. There was a huge sign – SWIMMING HOURS: BANOT(girls) 10:00 AM – 1:30PM  BANIM  (boys)2:00PM-4:45PM.

( BTW – buying tickets there was on 30NIS – nothing makes sense).

Great. But typical.Then we looked at the rides – they looked like old Coney island type amusement park stuff. The kids looked at me…. Another day like this? seriously???

It was then decreed that Earl was going to take the kids to Superland – and i was going to go to Ikea with the baby for 5 hours. No problemo!!

Nurse the baby, and another 30 minute drive and i said my farewells to my family. I have to say that i was thrilled to be alone for the next  5 hrs straight. Just me and my babe.  I then got a brain wave…. it was woman’s day on the beach. I drove 10 minutes, parked the car, grabbed babbela and we spend 1.5 glorious hrs on the beach. Real bliss. Felt like the vacation I haven’t had in 15 yrs. Was glorious. Super thumbs up for israel. Then I made my way to ikea, moseyed around and went to pick up my fam. I received a few ‘you owe me big time’ texts from hubby – but I laughed as I sent him back a smiling emoji.

We arranged to meet at 8:15pm outside the park. I waited and waited. Eventually I got a call from one of my kids. ” Mom Im in the bathroom, and there is no toilet paper – and i didn’t pee.”

“where’s daddy?”

“I don’t know. I don’t know where anyone is, and i think daddy’s phone died.”

I thought it shouldn’t be a problem since he will eventually send another kid in to go see why the other kid was not coming out of the bathroom. Numerous texts and phone calls later- i can’t reach earl. Then baby woke up. She started to cry. I asked daughter why she couldn’t ask someone for toilet paper. Too embarrassing – aparently.

Finally after almost an hour passed, I see a very, very stressed Earl come steeling out of the park holding onto one of my daughters – with an iron clad fist. His jaw muscles were twitching and he was sweating.

“I just found her – she was lost.  Where are the kids?” he asked me.

“Huh?”, I asked bewildered, ” You were with them. X is in the bathroom. i have no idea where Y and Z are.”

Poor, poor Earl. Business deals could never give him this much stress.  its not nice  but i was laughing – to myself of course.

I grabbed a bag of wipes and made my way into the park – which was officially closed – but this is Israel – rules don’t matter that much. Thank G-d. Mommy to the rescue – found all of them – all in the aforementioned washroom, all needing toilet paper. For some reason they lock it up. Finally we left.

Got home at 10:30 pm, gave the kids supper  and finally they all went to bed.

Except one kid. She decided her hair was so dirty she needed to wash it. i told her i just wanted to do my random comb through. Which I did – and thank G-d, because yes… she has lice. Welcome to israel – another thing here that phases no-one. Not even me. i must be Israeli by now. I then had to shower and comb through my own hair – BH – nothing doing.

And now, friends I bid you all goodnight.

1 thought on “Sleep is overrated”

  1. I hope by now you are sleeping- or maybe it’s morning so I hope you have slept a few hours.
    I love hearing about this adventure…in my minds eye, I can see E’s face and the steam coming out of his hears. I can see your thrill and hear the ahh as you walk through IKEA with JUSt the baby, I can see the face as you read the text about no toilet paper and I love it all! So normal. So everyday. Just like here …but nothing like here at all, you all are in the Holyland and breathing the holy air and walking the holy syreets…
    So everything is “more” the sweetness is sweeter, the challenges are tougher and the successes more rewarding.
    Maybe it’s tome for E to taste spme happyents that are flavoured with the special spice of the holy land.
    Looking forwRd to your next post.
    Love you till then and forever
    Missing you till we return to our Homeland as well.


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