I want to just scream!!!!! How many time have I read ‘enough!!’ In the comments??
How many people are blaming the government for not doing enough? Maybe they aren’t. I have no idea. But it’s not about that. This is spiritual warfare!!!! How much are we each doing? Have you looked deep into yourself? Are you ignoring Hashem and the fact that you are a Jew with responsibilities? If you forget – these senseless killings are here to remind you. WAKE UP!! The Torah has been shoved aside. It’s been called archaic. The laws have become mere suggestions. But look how the world is turning out without the Torahs blue print.
We have ( and I used the collective term here – because Hashem judges us as a nation) pushed the Torah away. We have assimilated so nicely into western life. We are first American(put in appropriate country). And then, twice a year we remember that whisper of being a Jew. And we begrudgingly don’t eat for a whole 25hrs. And a few months later we refrain from eating bread for a week ( if that. Probably we feel it’s enough to sit through one or two 3 hr Seders. Eating bread is ‘optional’. I fulfilled my obligation while reading my paragraph at the Seder table – impatiently awaiting the time that I can eat my half a boiled egg in salt water – by the way – that’s not even a necessary custom. )
We profess to be living in modern times now. It’s the age of technology. But that handheld device has now replaced holding our Child’s hand- or helping and old person cross the street. We are so busy on FB snapchat, Instagram – taking pics of OURSELVES – that we have no patience for anyone anymore. No time to do the right thing. We have never known such a time of convenient living. We actually never have to get off our butts.  Everything can be done from a screen in our living rooms. Even in bed. Our society has sunk to levels of depravity. We could be so great as a whole. But instead we believe the Hollywood lies, as truth. We idolize people who are deplorable , and our aspirations are so thin and shallow. They comprise of nothing.
And then – if that’s not bad enough – we HATE one another.
This beautiful young woman, another senseless murder. She is DEAD. and we are ALL mourning in unity. Across the board.
But how many of us would have extended a hand to her in good times? How many of us would let our sons marry her?
No she’s too religious. No she’s not religious enough. She’s Israeli. Her skirt is too short. Her skirt is too long. She belongs to Bnei Akiva. She doesn’t belong to Bnei Akiva.
Now that she’s dead – we cry and mourn her loss. How another beautiful light has been snuffed out. But if she were alive – so many of us would shun her – because she just wasn’t like us.
Why does it take such drastic measures to love her??? Why do all the semantics matter????
Let your children marry who they want!!! Not who you think is the richest, most yichus, most learned, most holy. And vice versa.
Stop the judgement. Stop the hate
How Jews could link arms with Palestinians and boycott other Jews?! How short are their memories? What’s wrong with all of us???
And the worst part – we all think we are right and the other is mad.
Secular Jews have divorced themselves from everything. The history of the world is a long one. Secular Jews in the numbers we have today – have avery short history. Your great bubbies and zeidis are turning in their graves!!!! They sacrificed so much for you. So much for you to be a Jew!! A Jew with a homeland.
And what do we do? We slap them across the face. Again and again.
Now we are being slapped. Do you get it??? Do you see??
Stop the madness. Forgive – accept. Love. Move on.
Let’s stop these murders. It’s up to us. We each have blood on our hands.
Come back. I implore you. From the very heart of me. Return to your Torah – return to your people.
And to my religious friends – be accepting of one another. Please.
May we all draw close to Hashem. May we embrace the beautiful life that the Torah holds. May we rediscover our very rich history. May we return to Zion in splendour.
May the senseless. Murders stop. It’s all up to each and every one of us.

2 thoughts on “ENOUGH!!!”

  1. May your heartfelt words penetrate the hearts of stone -as the navi says והסירותי את לב האבן ונתתי לכם לב בשר !)and I will remove the heart of stone and I will give a heart of flesh !!!(lev Basar in Hebrew when letters rearranged spells breslov ..לב בשר equals לב בסר …Hope to see you soon ..feb16th-29th…what is your israeli cell number ?pkease let me know …continue crying out …you speak what’s in my heart !!♥️Esther

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. My dear soul sister thank you for sharing your passion from the holy land!!

    bezras Hashem we will all do better and we each will help doing our part and may Hashem bring an end to these tragedies and replace our tears with songs of joy!
    Love you and miss you
    bezras Hashem we shall all join you there soon 🙂


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