Finally.  It’s taken me forever. But I’m back and official. Here is a post I wrote on the plane. Will be more current from now on.


The day finally arrived. There has been an endless amount of things to do.
My year in Israel last year seemed like an ultra marathon. I was stretched physically, mentally and emotionally. Spiritually I grew in my emunah. There is no option when you live in a country where G-D’s presence is felt. Tangibly.
Upon my return to Canada, 9 June 2016, I ran around shopping, shopping , shopping. That was the fun part. Buying for my new life and stocking up for a year ahead. Just to say – everything is now available in Israel. Even ziploc bags!
At the same time I made official application for Aliyah. So I had that time pressure as I needed to be back in Israel before September.
I was so busy that when I got the shocking phone call that my dad had passed away – my life came to a screeching halt. That’s it. No more of this gashmius. Stop. Think. Thank. Pray.
I did that all the way to South Africa. All 27hrs on my own. I thought about how awesome it was that my parents came to me in Israel for Pesach. As crazy mad as my life was- they came. My dad was adamant about seeing my baby. She was already over a year when they came. But he saw her. And they bonded!!!
I got to drive my dad around the country. From north to south. And I enjoyed his boy like wonder at the miracle of Israel. How he could not believe the changes over the years ( my parents had been going there from the 60’s!)
He marvelled at how the land had just sprouted communities and cities everywhere. He kept saying “if I never saw it – I wouldn’t believe it!”
We got to sit and have coffee every morning and chat. Just like old times. It was wonderful BH
And then South Africa. Being with my mother and sisters, nieces and nephews; and my uncle and aunts- and cousins and friends, for 12 days – was so very restorative. We sat together in my sisters house chatting, laughing, crying. But mainly being. It was a moment in time of being present. No matter what was going on in our lives did not matter. We had to put all of that aside and be present for one another. No running, no pampering. Just sitting each day. Talking. Loving.
It’s almost bizarre to say this because obviously my Dad would have loved to be with us, and vice versa – but ( for me anyway) it was a gift that he gave us. An island in time. To really appreciate all that we have. And how fleeting life is. And how much family means and how deep friendships run.
How very ironic then, upon my return to Montreal I was informed of me departure date.
15 August. Earl’s bday. And also the day of my dad’s Shloshim. Another gift.
As I sit here, on another aeroplane. This time kids in tow, I am contemplating the magnitude of all of this.
The day after 9 bav. And here we are – returning to our holy land. BH. I feel so blessed. And what a true Aliyah for my dad’s Neshama. It’s all in your zechut dad. You taught me to never give up on my dreams. To make them a reality. And even if it took me 15 years- I did it. I’m fulfilling my dream – and that of so many of my ancestors who longed to be there but the time was not right. I feel so blessed to be living in a time in history – as crazy and scary as it is – that I am able to live in a flourishing land. And play our part in the grand history of the Jews. I feel like I’m helping close the circle. And soon very soon, may we merit the true redemption – and pls G-d daddy, we will be reunited again in Eretz Yisrael.

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