the time is fast approaching

I rarely have time to write anymore and I do miss it. I have been wanting to write a post on this in forever! But time, inclination, energy, procrastination… a zillion reasons why I haven’t.

But here it is. A kind of confession. Here I sit in a beautiful French cafe in Ashdod.


Just ordered a salad Niscoise. And it is truly delicious. You see, Israel is a gastronomic adventure. Especially if you have been kosher for 20 years with a very limited amount of good kosher restaurants around. And especially if you are an ex South African where going out for coffee, lunch and dinner is a national past time. So coming here and being able to eat in most places, and get delicious , fresh food is almost heavenly – in a very physical sense!

The only thing that keeps me somewhat in line is my penny pinching, waistline watching husband. But he does travel a lot now. For long periods at a time. And well, you know what they say… when the cat’s away….

But talking about the cat being away, life here has been very stressful. Immense changes, a feeling of helplessness caught up in a sea of systems that are so foreign – not to mention learning a new language; getting 5 children’s needs met; and doing that alone — a lot of the time- like 4-5 weeks at a time every few months.

Don’t get me wrong – I am not complaining. I love being here, and would not trade it. Im just trying to make a point that I am exhausted on every level, and my true comfort is found in dining out. Even if it just a cup of coffee. That is my joy.

About 3 years ago I began reading a lot about diet, veganism, juicing and health in general. I also got diagnosed with hashimotos disease, and promptly followed a good diet protocol. I definitely was not a vegetarian, but I cut sugar, dairy and gluten out of my diet. for 2 years. I cooked and experimented, followed paleo and AIP blogs, and aspired to healthy living in all spheres.

Then we made aliyah. My first shabbos on my yishuv, a man knocked at the door with 2 beautiful fluffy challot. He welcomed me with a blessing and told me his wife made us the challot, and they are filled with blessing. How could I not eat them? So I did. and they were delicious. The following 9 weeks ensued and we were invited to a different family every shabbat and chag, lunch and dinner. I certainly was not going to impose my gluten free needs on them.

So — gluten free — slowly disappeared. Chicken schnitzel is the national food here, and soon became my kids fave all time food.Cooking became convenient, and not time consuming. and slowly slowly, I soon followed no protocol whatsoever.

The result a year later – plus 10kg.

Yuck. there you go. I admit. I have put on a ton of weight…..

Its not like I don’t know what to eat. I could give lectures Im so knowledgable. I read, and learn, and do nothing. The infamous tomorrow is never coming.

But…. next week I have made an appointment with a nutritionist.  And hopefully this entry will make me a bit answerable.  I want to post in year from now and say lost 20kg!!

Thats the dream. I hope I can get my A into G, and do it.

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