In a quandry

Lately people have been asking me “why don’t you blog anymore?”

I can’t begin to mention how many posts I have begun… And then become disheartened and never complete them. 

A couple of reasons why.  In this age of social media and quick fixes – I wonder why it is necessary to expose my life to the world. Do people really care about my dysfunctionality? Do they read my post – laugh a bit, relate a bit – and then move on with their lives? And then when they see me in the public domain, have intense pity for me– or empathy for my lacks and wants. 

My main goal of this blog now is to have a forum to keep my family and friends informed about my life. I no longer have the luxury of sitting down and speaking on the phone. I barely can send out a two sentence what’s app and a few pics. As pathetic as it sounds, it’s true. So why then does the person who friended me on FB 5 years ago after a 3 minute meeting, need to know intimate details of my life. FB is the forum I use so everyone I want to read my blog, can know I posted. I also suppose that one does not have to read it if they don’t want to. 

I also love writing. And I miss it. I have lost doing things for me, in the neverending, ever elusive chase for routine and order. So that part of me, my creative vessel is a empty gaping cavity at the moment. 

So — I’m just testing the waters. Using the power of the web to garner interest. Yes – I should continue on a public forum – or possibly just email those that are interested. 

Give me your feedback. 

5 thoughts on “In a quandry”

  1. Either way I totally want you to send out to me whatever you write!!

    We get so excited when earl is coming but then we realize he’s not you- or mic- or the girls. And we are really happy to have him…but the weird super excitement is really because he’s a live physical connection to you – but then….well we’re going to have to come see you on real live person. Get a real live hug and see your home and the girls and the baby!!!

    So yes. If you get ten minutes to write I’d love to read whatever it is!!!

    Love you and miss you Mikki



  2. Dear Candy

    Always great to hear from you though I wonder how you manage to even put one letter on an email !!!! Still I think you should keep trying to do what you love most by sharing your gift of writing with us as I for sure love to read The sweet life of Candy.

    Wish you more time to do so but do understand life with the girls and the baby take up most of your time.

    Big warm hug


    Sent from my iPhone



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