It’s unanimous 

Thank you for your votes of confidence. I feel like I’m actually doing something constructive now. 

I’d just like to tell you all about my day. And this is not an out of the ordinary day for me. Nor was it a very hectic day – by my new Israeli terms.  

6:13am. Alarm goes off. Wow… First time my alarm actually woke me —  Before the baby did. He had a long stretch! I felt very refreshed. I slept 6 hrs straight. First time in 9 weeks. As I was looking forward to some alone time, even possible blog time – little Miss T saunters into my room and snuggles up to me. She’s really been behaving like a text-book-typical 2 yr old who’s just given up her position of queen bee. Poor child- she slept in my bed from age 0- 2 1/2, And was ousted the moment baby bro came home. ( that was a blog post that never got posted. Won’t bore you with the details. Bottomline- she’s now in a bed. )

6:45 baby wakes up. Give him bottle. Miss T wants my phone. I refuse. She has major tantrum – which surprisingly did not wake sisters 1,2, 3 and 4 who all went to bed very very late. 

7 am. Make coffee and notice how filthy my floor is. File that action for later. Make lunches. Pasta for one,  chicken sandwiches and a side of sliced mango for the other two. Bread and butter for the little one. 

8am Kiss girls goodbye as they hop on their bikes and then I take my 2 year old to Gan ( nursery). 

8:16am Chat with my amazing friend in Mtl ( miss V), whilst sponjaring ( if you don’t know what this is – you are missing out on on one of life’s greatest art forms. Do not google it. You will not find it. I certainly did not spell it correctly. I may even be the first person to actually bring that word into written reality). Sit down to finish coffee only to have our newly acquired cat ( this was certainly a blog post that got shelved) come snuggle in my lap. No. Just no. 

8:45am. Sort out kitchen. Make breakfast. I should mention that I went back to my nutritionist who helped me throughout my pregnancy. Since giving birth I have subsisted on coffee and chocolate. And since I am not nursing – I have not had to feel responsible for the quality of my breast milk. Chocolate was easier quicker and its yum. But that was then. Today’s choice for me – papaya, celery, granadilla, coconut milk and coriander. It was a bit bitter so I added half a banana. Was really delish.  

9am. Woke up Mic. Have to take her to boarding school. Sunday is Monday here. Cleaned up, made baby a bottle and wrote my previous blog. Yay! Felt a little alive again. 

10am decide to quickly spray a second coat of paint on a cabinet I’m upcycling !

11am drop off Mic. Run to buy school shirts and baby formula. Dash back to YB( where I live) to pick up little Miss G who has an orthodontic   appointment in Modiin. 

2pm. Arrive at ortho only to bump into a lawyer who works in Jerusalem – that I have had to contact, but clean forgot. Earl left for Canada last week and I don’t get the shopping list of To-do’s on a daily basis. So thanks for reminding me Hashem. Gavi goes in with the dental assistant. Five minutes later she’s back. The assistant tells me that the ortho has advised braces( this was second check in6 months). They were prepared to start the procedure today. GAV got freaked out. Assistant said – ” don’t worry. Think about and come back in 6 months”.  Great. Glad I pulled her out of school at 1 pm to be here by 2 pm to now drive home- and be back by 4pm. Did I mention I was starving?

There’s a great felafel place ( aka gold mine) in Modiin. 17 shekels and you can refill fries and salads as much as u want. We decided to go grab a bite. Do you remember I am on diet? I didn’t mention, but my nutritionist has allowed me to be a bit lenient. As in no detox program or cutting natural fruit sugars completely. But it’s still got rules. Felafel is not really on that diet menu. But I was so hungry. And not in the mood for a whole sit down restaurant- for a salad. So felafel it was. With no pita. Fine compromise. However- the pizza pie I bought next door to bring home to kids, was irresistible. But I only Had ONE bite. 

4pm. Pick up Tali. 

4:10pm run to store.  Get there – But baby fell asleep so I decided I would go later 

4:30 return home. One sick kid, one kid at a friend and two are AWOL. 

5:30 make dinner. Tonight we are going to for healthy. I decided on Broccoli soup. With cheese. Yum. I decided to be a bit exotic and threw in some Tarragon. If you make broccoli soup – don’t add tarragon. Anyway I added more broccoli and salt and it was fine. 

6:30pm tutor arrives for Ashira. I tell her what to do with Shishi. ASHIRA decides that’s not what she wants to do – and when I went up to check I saw them playing a boardgame. If they were at least playing in Hebrew – that would be one thing. But I’m not paying a kid to come play a board game. Thank G-d she’s not short of friends. I had to switch the work and assumed they  did it because I had to go back to baby and dinner and putting dishes away, and did not have time to go upstairs again. I also bathed Talya in the interim. Did I mention Earl called me twice already and both times I had to tell him I could not speak

Then- someone – won’t mention names had a melt down because her hair was knotty. And of course it was all my fault. She spewed at me and was in a foul mood. Screaming pouting and moaning. Interspersed with many spasmodic body movements. She could have been possessed. Oscillating from unadulterated anger and hate, to puppy dog eyes and true regret. Found this on my door half hour later. 

Is it too late to say sorry? I wasn’t strong enough to say it

Just then Tali comes out my room. She has painted her face with a neon orange highlighter. This is nothing. Last week, on Shabbat she cut her own hair. Short. Half of it. I took her to the hairdresser on Thursday. We opted for funky. Pls see pics below. 

So the orange eyebrows actually suit her new image. 

This is how she looked before she cut her hair…
This is after the hairdresser
Yes it is shaved.
…. But only on one side so she does not look like a boy

Swallow a black ( BLACK NO SUGAR) cup of coffee with some dates and nuts. Again. Not on my diet but better than my 5 pm chocolate.

7pm. Let’s eat!  Everyone comes to the table really hungry by now. I had puréed the soup. It was yum. I sprinkled cheese on it. It was a  hit. With two children. The others hated it. So they opted to make roast potatoes themselves. 

Earl call again. Sorry luv. Just cannot speak. 

Have given hardly any attention to my sick child. As I lie on my bed giving baby a bottle and feeling very guilty. I get a what’s app from mic sending me a pic of her with a lone tear dribbling down her perfect nose. She was also sick. And stressed and swamped with school work. I spoke to her a bit. Hope I made her feel better. But from afar it’s difficult. And she’s only 15. Learning everything in Hebrew. Quite a feat. Sick child enters room. “Mom can u make me cooked carrots?”  She likes the frozen carrots. I didn’t have any. ” I’ll make u from scratch. But soon – just can’t right now”. 

8:30 pm. Babysitter arrives. Her first time babysitting at us. Everyone was bathed and fed. I had hoped to have Talya asleep. But that would’ve been absurd the think I could have pulled that off. I made sure baby was asleep, pottered around a bit and kissed everyone goodnight. I needed a few things at grocery store, and to speak to Earl – and finish an Amazon order! 

9pm do my shopping then sit in my car doing what I need to get done. I tried Earl. No luck. Then sara calls ” mom can u buy me carrots?” Oy…. Store was closed already….! So nice though, to have some peace and quiet 

10pm return home. Expecting to find everyone up. But only my sick child was up. Waiting for her cooked carrots that I promised her 3 hours beforehand. I certainly get the award for worst mom. But how do people juggle all of this??? And actually be nice to their kids.

 After returning kids to their beds… 2 were in mine and one was on the couch ( but who cares???? They were asleep!!) I went upstairs and sorted the laundry in baskets and finally came down to write this blog. 

It’s 12am. I’m signing off. 

3 thoughts on “It’s unanimous ”

  1. Woooo I’m tired just reading all that!!

    But I loved it and love you!! You’re doing good stuff over there juggling all the needs of the girls (and the boyS too). It’s natural that some things don’t get done just as planned! Keep trying. Keep talking to Hashem He is by your side! A speedy refuah shelema to the sweet girls who feel sick (me too)



  2. Wow what a day no idea how you can survive a schedule like this so in the end you are Super Mum with maybe a few flaws 😜.

    Loved reading your blog while suffering from jet lag as we are in Holland now for a very special reunion with our Jewish student home. We are all fifty two years older from the day we started living together in that very special home restored with restitution money from Germany. It’s weird that besides the fifty two years difference nothing else has changed and we took off where we left with hundreds of stories showing each other our by now very adult kids and of course most precious grandchildren. Albert and I noticed that we do miss Holland as Vancouver though beautiful and with our eldest son and his family around the corner will never be really home to us. On the contrary Montreal did feel like home as we really made there dear friends and Jewish life was booming.

    Well what can I say and who knows one day we might be courageous enough to make Aliyah and join you in Eretz !

    For now courage



    Sent from my iPhone



    1. I am only seeing this now Simone. It’s amazing how well you express yourself in English. I would never think it was not your first language.
      Your trip must have been amazing! Where did u stay when I were in Mtl?
      At least come here for a visit. This is the place to come to. At least you will be in the centre of the world


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