Plug for my daughter

I don’t really like to speak about my kids online…. But I just wanted to post some of my 15 year olds pics that she has taken over the course of being here. She has been in a high school, where she majors in photography and film making, and she has done phenomenally well. I thought I would showcase some of her stuff. Go here to her gallery.

4 thoughts on “Plug for my daughter”

  1. Hi Candy

    Nothing wrong to share your love and admiration for your talented daughter and I am sure your other kids are also talented in their own way. Micaeli did a beautiful job and I can see how much she loves her family and Israel it brought the best out in her. Wishing you all a Shabbat Shalom from a similar wet place called Vancouver where rain is the norm and sunshine sporadic nrrrr I know Israel needs the rain to survive so let it rain for now so the crops will be plentiful in spring and summer.

    Big warm embracing


    Ps we will be off to Santiago de chile next week Wednesday to spoil our youngest grandchild already 15 months how time flies.

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