3 years old today!

Happy Birthday my beautiful Talya Nava! Her English Birthday is Feb 4th, but today 3 years ago, I was induced and after a gruelling 11 hour labour( 5th kid), my gorgeous girl came into this world! And with her she brought the Joys of spring. I only realized after giving birth that she was actually born on Tu B’Shvat, the New Year of the Trees.

It’s hard to imagine, living in the Northern Hemisphere, how this days marks the rejuvenation of light and life into all plant life. But far beneath the soil, the waters begin to collect and start making their way to the roots of flora and fauna, buried under mounds of snow.

Here in Israel we definitely have felt the transition to spring. Despite it being a very mild winter so far. We have had a few deluges, sprinkled over very pleasant sunny days.

All Israelis celebrate when it rains. In fact my kids came home one day and it began to storm. As soon as they heard the thunder they began clapping. I thought that it was maybe they were trying to imitate the loud noise. But they started saying in Hebrew how happy they were that Hashem sent the rain. A gift not to be taken for grated. Rain is dependent on our behaviour. We also have to really pray hard for it. Beginning on sukkot, we hope our pleas get heard over the ensuing winter months.

Dew on the other hand, is there every morning. Regardless of our behaviour. Each morning the ground is moist covered with delicate water droplets. It is mentioned in the Torah that the manna fell from the sky, and Hashem covered it with dew to protect and keep it fresh.

The word for dew in Hebrew is Tal. So just like dew is an unconditional gift, so we feel that Hashem gave us our beautiful Talya Nava as a token of his love for us. And no matter how far we are…. this gift of unconditional giving reminds us constantly how much G-d loves us.

Nava means virtuous.

So my blessing to you, my gorgeous girl, is that you may glisten like the dew, appear for others unconditionally, be a source of sustenance to everything and everyone – regardless. But always know, that you are a gift from our Creator, and be forever grateful.

I love you…. ad 120! ❤️

1 thought on “3 years old today!”

  1. Mazal tov!!! Good health happiness ad 120years! Such a beautiful little blossom 🤗🤗🤗 May your life and Tali’s always have the freshness of dew, (and even the consistency) and may you both see what virtuous women you are 😘



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