The human experiment


I’ve always been into self help books. Maxing out on making this the best life possible. Always have been ambitious.

And now at the ripe old age of 44, I’m taking a long hard deep look at my life.

There is a lot of blessing. Baruch HaShem. But there is also a lot of chaos. I speak to my very supportive friends and family. They all tell me the same thing.

“Giving birth, immigration and losing a parent are all extremely stressful, life altering situations.”

In my case, I gave birth in 2015, made Aliyah to Israel 4 months later, my father passed away in 2016 and then I gave birth again in 2017. Now, bar the loss of my special dad, the other three life events are fantastic!

But it’s 2.5 years later and I’m still scrambling. Chaos has reigned supreme. Everyday, and I kid you not, there is a million things to do. And just when I think a break is coming over the horizon – something new begins.

Case in point: Remember how I told you my daughter was in a high school for the Arts, and was doing so well? Well that all came to crashing halt last week, when she hit us with a bombshell that she was extremely miserable. This has now turned into a week of running to different schools, counselors… Etc.

Back to my point though. I thought by this stage into the Aliyah process, I would be sailing. In fact I could not have imagined up the scenario that our lives have played into.  I have zero time to put into myself. Be it physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally or creatively. I can barely eke out these blog posts. They say that it takes 5 years to settle, but at this point I wonder…I’m not looking for your advice or sympathy, rather I thought I would enlist my small blog audience, and try and experiment with it and myself.

I think I’ve mentioned before, that my one daughter is diagnosed with ADD. After researching what it is, I came to the conclusion that I too, definitely fall under this umbrella. I read 5 books at a time, I start multiple projects all at once,  and when I cook, I cook breakfast lunch and dinner for the next three days – all at once – so my kitchen looks like it exploded!! When I clean my house – it turns into spring cleaning, and I tend to begin in one room, return a book to another, notice something there that is out of place, then see a toy from a different room, go there, see how dirty the window is, go get paper towel, see the sink full of dishes, start to wash them, and the next thing I know kids are home, house is half clean, but my one window is sparkling!! And I wonder, why I can’t get a grip on this domestic thing.

So I follow some blogs. How to kind of blogs. And also subscribe to various learning websites with videos and how to’s. I also read a ton of books. My husband jokes that I just have to read the book and not have to follow through. I read and learn about diet related and health issues, arts and crafts, diy, organising, parenting, exercising and lots of other interests. One site that I have recently come across, and signed up to is Skillshare.

Besides learning a zillion things, they also have an affiliate program, by which I could get paid if anyone I refer, signs up. In fact there are many websites that do this.  Another thing I have learnt recently. I also have come across many a Pinterest pin that details how to monetize your blog. So thats another thing I am going to try. Why not? I have no other income here, have my blog anyway- I am going to give it a shot, and I will let you know how I am doing. All I need for you guys – right now my friends and family, is share my posts, and sign up to my blog via email. I’d really like to experiment with this and see if it is in fact as easy as “they ” say.

So get ready for my next few posts to be showcasing how I make the food I find on different websites, how it actually looks and tastes. How my arts and crafts projects actually turn out, and whole other slew of fun stuff. Let’s see if I can finally get that yoga body, or stick to ONE eating plan, not 7 at one time. I am hoping this will give me platform to allow me to be into everything, but house it neatly in a blog. And maybe… even make money from it?!

BTW: The pic on top. Its NOT my desk. Not at all. Want to see a pic of my desk? Lets be all transparent now shall we?


But soon I hope she gets a makeover….

6 thoughts on “The human experiment”

  1. Good morning Candy

    Just finished reading your sweet life and wonder how you have time to read a book let alone five books etc etc !!!! Children in your case a nice bunch plus a baby are a 24 hours job with a husband often away and no mother living next door in a country you might love but you did not grow up in must ask for all your energy.

    Still you manage and cope though it would maybe not a bad idea to look into daily help for a few hours when it’s rush hour at your place !!!

    Hope you will find an other school for your eldest daughter as she looks really talented going by the beautiful pictures I saw on your sweet life !!!

    Courage my dear old neighbour as parenting is the most difficult job in the world



    Sent from my iPhone



  2. Wow. So first of all- none of us really ‘do it ALL’ I recently read an anonymous quote that says “you can do Anything, but not EVERYTHING” I feel the truth of this so strongly. It resonates all the way into my bones. Saying yes to one thing means saying no to some other thing. Always. And so this is my balancing act of what and who to say yes to and around each corner there will be another question point to make another decision-and another and another. bechira- choice. Our life is our choices and it’s so we continue to try to make good ones. Thought out choices. Kind and loving choices. Growing choices. Just know that we all make wrong choices- and so before Hashem even made the word He made ‘teshuva’ the gift of return. So when we make the wrong choices we can always turn around and return and try again to make good choices. Step by step. The human experience 😉 Good luck here with this program 😘 Mik



  3. Sending you a squish and now a huge smack on the butt!
    Stop beating yourself up baby girl.
    You are doing amazing!
    That being said, It may be time for some clarity though.
    Saying you have no time over and over again well… you know the self fulfilling prophecy story.
    Create a simple schedule.
    Changing schools may not be the solution.
    No rash decisions.
    Stay calm.
    If you are panicking don’t move.
    Breath, pray, stretch, exercise, run stairs and think to get clear!
    One answer will come to you at a time.
    Take the time to focus on the priorities.
    Make that list of priorities and then begin breaking things down slowly, calmly and grounded.
    Know that Hashem has your back….
    and think calmly.
    Then take slow strategic action -calmly.
    Did I say calmly??? hehehe.
    ps: you know I’m also “add BS!!!!”
    We are interesting, interested people in life- all of life- BH!
    AND we need to be on the move and move!
    So stop with the labeling and find YOUR groove which isn’t the average persons and that’s totally OK BH!!!!


    1. Just get your butt over here so I can smack it. After u smack mine of course!! Thanks V Yes. U are right. I just was thinking that this second. Tomorrow I’m writing a schedule and I’m breathing. The pressure is very much self imposed. Yes calm. What’s that again?


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