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Sushi Sundays

sushi sundaysI like to cook healthily.  I like my kids to eat vegetables, and unfortunately- it takes the most time to prepare.

So Sunday’s have become sushi/summer roll nights.

I decided to put my Skillshare course on knife handling to good use. I’ll post my video. I really actually enjoyed taking this 12min course. Check it out. Plus thousands of videos that teach a huge variety of things. I’m part of their affiliate program.

Here is a clip of me and Tali prepping our veggies.

It’s hard to find sushi grade fish near to where I live, and while we all love raw fish, my sushi nights have become vegetarian. I throw in some wierd stuff!!! And somehow it always tastes good. Tonight’s menu had cooked sweet potato and raw beets. I also grated a daikon radish for a bit of a kick. The kids mainly ate cucumber and avocado. Except for Sara. She likes to be brave and experiment. And of course she loved it!


This is all my prepared add-ins.

Plated sushi. Someone got to my nicely presented plate on the left… before I could snap a pic

Sushi with peppers and beets, avocado and sweet potato. Really yummy.

And this is the option I should have ONLY eaten from. But I didn’t. It’s not terrible – but would have been better without. Anyway. This no rice option was delicious too. And the cones on the sides were stuffed with veggies. And pickled ginger and a dash of spicy sauce.

3 thoughts on “Sushi Sundays”

  1. Yum! Those look great! I also did the simple know course for the kids and it was such good ideas how to help kids help in the kitchen safely!! Love the idea to put beets in the sushi. I’m thinking I should make one day sushi dinner a regular in this home…and for now we can get raw tuna. But only the adults get to have it 😉 kids can have mock crab!! Do you have that in your area? If you want to add other protein you can add a little omelette or maybe quinoa 🙂 Love you 🤗 Mikki



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