More pleasurable than sushi

Last week my husband treated my nine year old. He went with her for sushi – just the two of them. And she loved it. When we lived in North America, sushi was a given. We ate it at least once a month at home, and at least once a month in a restaurant or take out.

Here it isn’t that available where I live. And if we do have to go out to eat sushi it’s a very expensive meal. A real treat.

I’ve nicknamed my little Gavriella. I lovingly call her Cinderella. She literally helps me clean up every day. And she knows just how to clean it’s amazing. A trait definitely acquired through necessity. And not from following in her mother’s footsteps. So because she’s been pulling more than her weight for so long, she was the recipient of the very sought after sushi meal.

Of course when the plans were announced, my eight-year-old piped up and said that it was not fair that she doesn’t get to go for sushi, because she works the hardest in the family at school. And this is true. My way of punishing her is telling her I will not do homework with her. That’s just about the worst punishment I could give her. She loves to please her teachers and she loves working hard. At least one of my kids takes after Earl.

So being Super nice parents, trying to promote good behaviour in our kids, we promised Ashira that she would go out for sushi the next week – again with dad. [Mom seems to be getting the short end of the chopstick].

Tonight was the night she got to go out with daddy. And they returned home happy and a smile from ear to ear from Shishi. Tomorrow I’m starting my major detox program (more to come on that) so Earl decided to splurge and he brought back a whole sushi roll for me and Sara to share. [Dont laugh. It’s definitely efinitely more than I got last week.] And it really was delicious. And the good thing is, Sara didn’t even complain that she only got three pieces. But she did say to me after that she also thinks she deserves to go for sushi, and she’ll choose me as her date for a change!

But as much as we all enjoyed our sushi I got so much more enjoyment tonight. The lesson I realized, is that you can only receive so much pleasure from the physical ( obviously I knew this. But it was driven home tonight). But from the spiritual, our pleasure is infinitely deeper and more meaningful. To what am I referring? While I was downstairs putting away the groceries, I could hear Earl saying shma together with a chorus of little girls. In a millisecond so much flashed through my mind. I chose a wonderful father for my kids, my children know the shma, they are linking themselves to each generation before them, we are part of a tremendous whole, we belong to a great nation.And that made me gulp down a lump in my throat, just as tears sprung to my eyes. And then my heart smiled. This to me was a much more significant, profound feeling of happiness – as good as that sushi really was. And that is how this world is. As much as we chase the physical. The good times, good food and all the wealth in the world. The material, hedonistic enjoyment will be fleeting. And it will be a constant chase for more. However, tonight’s emotional connection and other worldly experience moved me to tears in a matter of moments, and did not cost a thing. Nor could I grasp it. Nor could I taste it. But the sublime pleasure I felt will last an eternity.

2 thoughts on “More pleasurable than sushi”

  1. Do emojis work here 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 can I say I think this post has brought a smile to my heart too- and my sleepy face. Dearest chaya kayla πŸ€—these are the moments to hold in front of your mind when the others try to take over (of fear and uncertainty and self doubt and …) you hubby saying shma with your girls…. of you made aliya and went through allllllll that work just for this moment it would be worthwhile-ya!?! May Hashem bless you withso many many many more moments like this one. And fill you with certainty and joy and satisfaction in knowing you are in His land raising His kids to love Him and His Torah and His Land and His People. 😍😍😍😍😍😍BeH may we all be there soon



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