Purim 2018

We love Purim and this year was no different! I love doing my kids make up and dressing them up. I ordered costumes online about 1 month ago. Some didn’t come. Some came and were too small – so we improvised at the last minute!!

But all in all from school parties to playing around, to actual Purim/ there were a lot of costume changes and make – up ops for me.

Here are the results…

Sara was a rockstar for school

Here are the stages of turning Sara into a comic

And Ashira was a Bratz doll

Aryeh had to be an Aryeh

earl was supposed to be King Neptune. But no time to find a good costume. Instead he turned into a creepy old man

Gavi was a deer. Don’t have good pics of her. And Talya was a unicorn and then rapunzel and then elsa….!!

Mic was too cool to dress up.

And I threw this together at the last minute

Wishing us all good times, celebrations and peace 😘

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