I cheated.

Tonight I cheated. And it was not the first time. In fact, I cheated last week. And on the weekend. I couldn’t help myself. Earl is away. And I just broke down. I did. I actually… when no one was looking… I ate a piece of chicken!!!! Aaaargghh!!!! There. I said it. It’s out in the public!!

In fact – looking back at my blog I came across This post. I mention how I had changed my diet, always aspired to veganism, but couldn’t pull it off. I divulged that I had put on 10kg’s over the year of my Aliyah. But what I didn’t say – was that I was 3 months preg. Obviously I put on weight. A lot of weight considering it was my 11 preg, and I knew the drill. So that’s why I went to a nutritionist- and thanks to her I only put on 10 kg’ s my whole pregnancy.

Now…. I pretty much lost all of that post preg. I’m back to my pre pregnancy weight. But I’m still carrying the 10 kg’s that I never lost! ( I just didn’t gain more due to pregnancy). And plus the pre pre pre pre pre pre pre (lol) baby weight that I never lost with each pregnancy. So in total I still need to lose 15-20kg. That’s a lot.

1 thought on “I cheated.”

  1. Who cares Candy, is not, the way you look the most important and you look great πŸ‘.

    Don’t forget your body changes after a certain age and yes also after a pregnancy but look around you and count your blessings beautiful girls and as cherry on the icing a boy πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘.

    Think every now and then turning into a cannibal is not a bad idea as long as you don’t indulge yourself too much.

    If you follow my time line on fb I try to post yummy vegetarian recipes but also sometimes a great chicken or salmon one not always a slim liner but again who cares.



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