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Sushi Sundays

I like to cook healthily.  I like my kids to eat vegetables, and unfortunately- it takes the most time to prepare. So Sunday's have become sushi/summer roll nights. I decided to put my Skillshare course on knife handling to good use. I'll post my video. I really actually enjoyed taking this 12min course. Check it… Continue reading Sushi Sundays

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Meat eating vegan

That's how I like to describe myself. Well I really wish I could describe myself as vegan - but at a certain point I just crave meat. I have read many a book and blog about being vegan. In fact I really do think it's the perfect choice, if one can do it. Next best… Continue reading Meat eating vegan


my fave website

Amongst the bazillion websites out there, there is one that I refer to all the time, for cooking gluten-free. It is called I make her recipes all the time, and I am yet to have a bad one. I make bread 2.0  all the time, my kids love it and it is really delicious.… Continue reading my fave website


Icing on the cake

I try to think of creative projects to do with my girls on Sunday afternoons. The catch is that it has to be something that would appeal to all ages 2-9. This week's project is cake decorating. I found cute mini cake pans, poured my gluten-free cake batter in the pans, and this is the… Continue reading Icing on the cake


where are the menu’s?

Did I ever tell you guys that consistency was not one of my virtues?  I try, my intentions are truly the best - but somehow my life always gets in the way. Thank G-d. I hope none of you have fatally expired whilst holding your breath waiting for me. The past two days I have… Continue reading where are the menu’s?

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Lifestyle Update

remember a while ago I spoke about a website that involved a woman with the best body I have ever seen, and she is like your own personal trainer at home? well, I have been doing it a little bit each week - maybe 1 or twice, but I also joined the Y and have… Continue reading Lifestyle Update


Healthy cooking night

Finally. I have begun my baking experiments.  I have bought a gazillion healthy flours, from Garbanzo bean to coconut, arrowroot to sorghum, and everything in between. Tonight I made a batch of chocolate cupcakes, and chocolate frosting. I have to say they are pretty gross! 8 year-old asked in disgust " What is this??? Uurrggh -… Continue reading Healthy cooking night


Do as I say….

Chomp, Chomp, mmm... 1am and I am sorry to say, I have not  kept to all my intended health commitments. I know I said I was starting my anti inflammatory diet today, but that was before I knew my day would turn out to be  another day, not at home, and therefore had to succumb… Continue reading Do as I say….