Where to from here?

I am almost not sure whether to post this, but since I have found myself in a few awkward situations, I feel I must say something. 2 1/2 weeks ago we left for our vacation up north, in the country. Earlier that morning I had my regular monthly check up with my OBGYN. I knew… Continue reading Where to from here?


Scare tactics and parenting

Look, I know I am wrong. But I am also really desperate.  I have adorable kids - I really do. I love them with all my heart - really. Tonight's blog is dedicated to one of them. My little Miss G. She is a terror. We call her KB - from the movie Kill Bill.… Continue reading Scare tactics and parenting

Fun days

how to get your house clean after shabbos….

My 8 yr old daughter came up with the idea of throwing a surprise party for her best friend. At our house of course. Now - in the best of times I am the one who has 2- 3 friends over on a Sunday afternoon. It is ether too cold to venture out - or… Continue reading how to get your house clean after shabbos….

Fun days

Child labor. For or against?

I had a very busy week last week. I also averaged about 4 hours of proper sleep a night. To say that I was exhausted was an understatement. I was really looking forward to shabbos. No guests, I could just sleep the day away. I spoke to my kids very explicitly. " Mommy is VERY… Continue reading Child labor. For or against?

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A time for thanks

I really appreciate those moments when nothing major is going on. Nothing earth-shatteringly wonderful, that you throw your eyes up to the heavens and beam a huge, transcendental 'thank-you' to G-d. It's moments like yesterday, when discussing the fact that I am hosting a shabbaton for 20 girls, and then a fund-raiser that night, and… Continue reading A time for thanks

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I live in a snow globe

Hope you all like my new special effects. 'Tis the season - you know. But let me tell you - I am not so jolly. When I first came to Montreal and experienced the snow, it was December. It was not too cold. Everything was white. I was madly in love, and my first excursion… Continue reading I live in a snow globe


sorry for my leave of absence

Hi all Firstly I would like to thank all those of you who have inquired as to what happened to my blog. I suppose I did the unthinkable in blogland. I took some time off. I know the rules. Always something new. Always something fresh. Well, truth is ( besides my computer having been back… Continue reading sorry for my leave of absence


Be careful what you wish for…

Been doing some thinking today. You see - I am very aware of complaining, as I am  of praying.  The power of each one. And really they are inextricably the same thing. Ever since I was a little girl, I can remember to - as far back as I can remember - praying to G-d… Continue reading Be careful what you wish for…


To Ascend or not to Ascend, tha is the question!

Good morning world. Lots to think about this morning. I think I have lost the battle for the time being. I spoke to my Rabbi, and he seems to think that going to Israel now, with my fam, would not be a good thing. He thinks that if sugar-daddy - had to stop working, and… Continue reading To Ascend or not to Ascend, tha is the question!


Who is more of an inspiration?

Gutte Vog everybody! Shabbos has just come out. I was asked to speak on a panel of women, to a group of grade 8 (14yr olds) tonight. I speak 3-4 times a year to groups about how I became Frum. There were three question posed to the panel, and we each had a chance to… Continue reading Who is more of an inspiration?