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A time for thanks

I really appreciate those moments when nothing major is going on. Nothing earth-shatteringly wonderful, that you throw your eyes up to the heavens and beam a huge, transcendental 'thank-you' to G-d. It's moments like yesterday, when discussing the fact that I am hosting a shabbaton for 20 girls, and then a fund-raiser that night, and… Continue reading A time for thanks

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I live in a snow globe

Hope you all like my new special effects. 'Tis the season - you know. But let me tell you - I am not so jolly. When I first came to Montreal and experienced the snow, it was December. It was not too cold. Everything was white. I was madly in love, and my first excursion… Continue reading I live in a snow globe


Do as I say….

Chomp, Chomp, mmm... 1am and I am sorry to say, I have not  kept to all my intended health commitments. I know I said I was starting my anti inflammatory diet today, but that was before I knew my day would turn out to be  another day, not at home, and therefore had to succumb… Continue reading Do as I say….


To Ascend or not to Ascend, tha is the question!

Good morning world. Lots to think about this morning. I think I have lost the battle for the time being. I spoke to my Rabbi, and he seems to think that going to Israel now, with my fam, would not be a good thing. He thinks that if sugar-daddy - had to stop working, and… Continue reading To Ascend or not to Ascend, tha is the question!


I’m on a quest

My quest is still on. I feel like I am a warrior princess fighting a whole lot of demons and dragons, to find the one truth, the happy ending... Ok, ok... I'm getting carried away. The truth is I am just a mom, on a quest to find great health care that does not come… Continue reading I’m on a quest


Who is more of an inspiration?

Gutte Vog everybody! Shabbos has just come out. I was asked to speak on a panel of women, to a group of grade 8 (14yr olds) tonight. I speak 3-4 times a year to groups about how I became Frum. There were three question posed to the panel, and we each had a chance to… Continue reading Who is more of an inspiration?


the g factor

Nothing x- rated.That is just what we call our two yr old! She is quite the child. She IS so mischievous, naughty, clever, funny, strong - both physically and mentally. To say the least - when she is around, there is no rest! She os obsessed with the baby!, constantly trying to kiss her, bite… Continue reading the g factor


A Little Annoyed

So I am torn. You know I mentioned this business idea that i had?  Well this happens on an annual basis. Something crosses my path , I think it could be amazing, and then I don't do it because I am a mommy of four beautiful girls. Now thank G-d I have my children, I… Continue reading A Little Annoyed