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Sushi Sundays

I like to cook healthily.  I like my kids to eat vegetables, and unfortunately- it takes the most time to prepare. So Sunday's have become sushi/summer roll nights. I decided to put my Skillshare course on knife handling to good use. I'll post my video. I really actually enjoyed taking this 12min course. Check it… Continue reading Sushi Sundays


Cheesecake – SUCCESS!

I must preface this entry with an ode to a friend of mine. He is my only male reader. If there are any more of you out there - I would be very interested to know. So back to my friend, whom we shall call FJT - he knows why - he is an avid… Continue reading Cheesecake – SUCCESS!

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Lifestyle Update

remember a while ago I spoke about a website that involved a woman with the best body I have ever seen, and she is like your own personal trainer at home? well, I have been doing it a little bit each week - maybe 1 or twice, but I also joined the Y and have… Continue reading Lifestyle Update


how sweet….

In case it took a while to realise what this picture was - I had the same reaction when I came home from Zumba the other night! I had to laugh. This epitomizes my 2 year old's personality. I just wonder who she was envisioning while stabbing the kiwi to death. I am going to… Continue reading how sweet….


I was Zapped!

If you are wondering where I have been, I have been recuperating from meeting my deadline last week. I jumped through hoops to get everything done that I had to, in order to get my work in ( this is for my new business venture).  Every night since, I have fallen asleep while putting the… Continue reading I was Zapped!


Healthy cooking night

Finally. I have begun my baking experiments.  I have bought a gazillion healthy flours, from Garbanzo bean to coconut, arrowroot to sorghum, and everything in between. Tonight I made a batch of chocolate cupcakes, and chocolate frosting. I have to say they are pretty gross! 8 year-old asked in disgust " What is this??? Uurrggh -… Continue reading Healthy cooking night


Do as I say….

Chomp, Chomp, mmm... 1am and I am sorry to say, I have not  kept to all my intended health commitments. I know I said I was starting my anti inflammatory diet today, but that was before I knew my day would turn out to be  another day, not at home, and therefore had to succumb… Continue reading Do as I say….