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how to get your house clean after shabbos….

My 8 yr old daughter came up with the idea of throwing a surprise party for her best friend. At our house of course. Now - in the best of times I am the one who has 2- 3 friends over on a Sunday afternoon. It is ether too cold to venture out - or… Continue reading how to get your house clean after shabbos….


where are the menu’s?

Did I ever tell you guys that consistency was not one of my virtues?  I try, my intentions are truly the best - but somehow my life always gets in the way. Thank G-d. I hope none of you have fatally expired whilst holding your breath waiting for me. The past two days I have… Continue reading where are the menu’s?

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Lifestyle Update

remember a while ago I spoke about a website that involved a woman with the best body I have ever seen, and she is like your own personal trainer at home? well, I have been doing it a little bit each week - maybe 1 or twice, but I also joined the Y and have… Continue reading Lifestyle Update


My poor kids…

Back on the health mission. Every couple of months I get very frustrated with the food situation, and i tend to go to extreme and throw every ounce of sugar out! Somehow it always manages to slowly creep back in. Why? because I am a flake - a pushover! No - the truth is that… Continue reading My poor kids…