Massada and the dead sea The story of Massada happened 2000 yrs ago. Amazingly enough Our Great grandparents would not know the name Massada. It was part of a catholic trove of historical works, written by Josephus Falvius. Only 300yrs ago jews were allowed to emerge into the world, and stopped keeping Torah as much… Continue reading Massada


It’s so hard being right

I have been hibernating. Mulling, so to speak, over a lot of information ingested over the course of last few Months of winter. Being a mom has its challenges. If it were not enough of a challenge, I just upped the ante, and took dairy and gluten out of the mix. I a now living… Continue reading It’s so hard being right


Icing on the cake

I try to think of creative projects to do with my girls on Sunday afternoons. The catch is that it has to be something that would appeal to all ages 2-9. This week's project is cake decorating. I found cute mini cake pans, poured my gluten-free cake batter in the pans, and this is the… Continue reading Icing on the cake


Semblance of normalcy

I have to admit it. I shut the door at8:35am, leant back against the closed door and smiled a big smile. I love my babies and my sugardaddy, but what a sigh of relief to know that for the next 25 minutes, I would be completely and utterly ALONE! No nagging, no whining, no yelling,… Continue reading Semblance of normalcy